Messiah's Handbook: Reminders for the Advanced Soul

By Richard Bach

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In Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, Richard Bach met Donald Shimoda, a fellow pilot with the keys to the universe who barnstormed the Midwest in a Travel Air biplane. Part of Shimoda's secret was a small book, bound in what looked like suede: Messiah's Handbook, Reminders for the Advanced Soul. "Open it," he said, "and whatever you need to know is there. " In Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, Richard Bach met Donald Shimoda, a

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Hardcover, 216 pages
August 16th 2004 by Hampton Roads Publishing Company

(first published August 15th 2004)

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Messiah's Handbook: Reminders for the Advanced Soul
1571744215 (ISBN13: 9781571744210)
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Ahmad Sharabiani

‎Messiah's Handbooks Reminders For The Advanced Soul, c2004‬‭‬, Richard Bach

Most of Bach's books have been semi-autobiographical, using actual or fictionalized events from his life to illustrate his philosophy. Bach's books espouse his philosophy that our apparent physical limits and mortality are merely appearance.

Bach is noted for his love of aviation and for his books related to flying in a metaphorical context. Bach has pursued flying as a hobby since the age of 17. In late August 2012, Bach was badly injured when on approach to landing at Friday Harbor, Washington, his aircraft clipped some power lines and crashed upside down in a field.

If you want to meet someone who can fix any situation you don't like, who can bring ... other people say or believe, look in a mirror, then say this magic word: 'Hello.' Richard Bach

تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز سی و یکم ماه اکتبر سال 2009 میلادی

عنوان: یادداشت های مرد فرزانه؛ ریچارد باخ؛ مترجم: لیلا هدایت پور؛ ویرایش محمد افتخاری؛ تهران، مثلث، 1386؛ در 216ص؛ شابک 9648496080؛ عنوان دیگر راهنمای جانهای متعالی؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ایالات متحده آمریکا - سده 21م

از آثاری که از «ریچارد باخ» به فارسی برگردان شده، می‌توان به: «جاناتان مرغ دریایی»، «هدیه پرواز»؛ «پندار یا اوهام»، «پلی به سوی جاودانگی»؛ «گریز از سرزمین امن»، «یگانه»؛ «فراسوی ذهنم»؛ و «یادداشتهای مرد فرزانه»؛ اشاره کرد که در بیشتر آن‌ها، نویسنده به وسیله احساس پرواز در متن‌های خود، با خوانشگر خویش ارتباط بسیار خوبی برقرار می‌کند، و در مورد شناخت خود، انتخاب و اختیار، و در نهایت حقیقت زندگی بحث می‌کند

کتاب پیش رو، دربردارنده‌ ی ده‌ها نکته ها‌ی کوتاه، و اندرزگونه است، که خوانشگر با خوانش آن‌ها، گاه شاید راه و رسم زندگانی را، بیاموزد؛ برخی از این نوشته ها، بیان نکته هایی از فلسفه و عرفان هستند؛ به گویشی می‌توان این کتاب را، نوعی فالگیر، و یا مشاور نامید، چرا که در مقدمه ‌ی آن آمده است: «پیش از آنکه کتاب را به خانه ببری، آن را امتحان کن، و ببین پاسخگویت هست یا نه؛ پرسشی را در ذهنت مطرح کن؛ چشم‌هایت را ببند، حالا کتاب را بازکن، و تصمیم‌ بگیر، که صفحه‌ ی راست را بخوانی، یا چپ را..»؛

نقل از متن: (تنها وظیفه ی تو در زندگی این باشد: با خودت رو راست باش؛ اگر خواهان دیدار کسی هستید، که می‌تواند هر موقعیت ناممکنی را فراهم کند، و دور از حرف‌ها، و باورهای مردمان، به تو شادی بخشد، در آینه بنگر و این واژه‌ ی جادویی را بر زبان آور: سلام)! پایان نقل؛

تاریخ بهنگام رسانی 07/01/1400هجری خورشیدی؛ ا. شربیانی


The subtitle 'Reminders for the advanced soul' reminds us that when reading a book, we usually take away the information and lessons we need to learn. So this handbook goes a step further as it has no page numbers and the reason for this is, that the book will open to the page on which the reader may find guidance or the answers to doubts and questions in his mind. - It's been a while since I read the book but I recall a metaphor at the beginning of the book that describes that those little pebbles of rock on a river bed have to make a decision; either they try to hold on and stick safely to the ground or they decide to let go to float down with the current and give up their safety for an adventure of a lifetime.


Keep this in my office and use it for daily inspirations. If you read illusions, this book will allow you to continue thinking outside of the box.

Ron Wroblewski

Cute little book consisting of short statements from his other books. I have read most of his books & like/love him as an author.

Ashish Manik

I found this book while I was searching in the library for just any book by Richard Bach.

To know what it was about, I flipped open some page in the middle, and found the whole page blank, except just one line written in the center. It read: ‘Your depth of intimacy with another is inversely proportional to the number of others in your life.' I gave this a thought, and I found it impressive – it was really true!

And on the back cover, the line that caught my eyes was: ‘Open it, and whatever you need to know is there.’

So, this book is not one of those you just read in one go. It says that you are supposed to ask any question you have in life, open just some random page, and you’ll get the answer!

I tried with two vital questions that I had in my life, and to my surprise, honestly, both of them were appositely answered!

I’d decided that very moment that I want to own it. But I can’t express what was going through my mind after reading those three lines that I’d already had. But yes, it was something so exceptionally powerful, that I couldn’t refrain myself from reading it all up. And I did what I was compelled to.

Unlike some who might feel so, I did not feel that it is anything like a run-of-the-mill, dull self-help book. All that’s written in this book, I felt to be true (including the line on the last page).

However, I did find apt answers to my questions, I can’t say yet, if everyone would really find the answers to their questions. Do test the book before you buy it.

But one thing I can certainly say – reading the whole book, I’m a much more confident and happier person, as the main thing that the book instills in you is the fact (and not the belief) that everything is in your hands.

And yes, the drawings are fun …


:) Now by rights I should go back and slide everything I've rated back one star. [Edit: Ha. That was dramatic. ;)

Actually, no. Not true.

This book introduced me to (what I thought was) the fundamentals of stoicism, and reminded me in a timely fashion about the importance of believing in your own visions. And self. And personal power and responsibility and stuff...

:) Liked a lot.]

Laura Butkāne

We usually do such a game with this book : you imagine a question in your head, to whom you want to have answer. Than you say the number of page witch other person is opening, you read it and there's answer to the question. It is always right!


This little book will always live in my bag, just in case I need a reminder.


Great thoughts and message. Excellent to read first thing in the morning or before bed, to keep your mind in check. Favorite author.


Not to keep it open for any mockery, I really feel the divine lets you buy books like this that is its gift to yourself. If you believe in signs of the universe, grab a copy for yourself.