Nobody Asked Me, But ....

By Karl Wiggins

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Apart from breaking two of my mates' noses (one in the ring and one chasing a 'runner') I used to be known for my stories. And they were all true. I'd come back from distant shores and speak of my adventures. So much so in fact that people used to say, "You should write a book." My diatribes in my blogs and newspaper columns are simply my way of spinning the balls, becau Apart from breaking...

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March 31st 2016 by Karl Wiggins
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Quotes From "Nobody Asked Me, But ...."

"Americans tend to think that korma is the curry of choice for the Caucasian, and it is if you’re a white guy with no balls"
"The Apprentice: the candidates' combination of being desperate, totally pointless yet surprisingly pompous is extremely watchable"

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