Moonrise (Warriors: The New Prophecy, #2)

By Erin Hunter

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Moons have passed since six cats set out on a journey to save their Clans. Now they are traveling home again, but on their way through the mountains, they meet a tribe of wild cats with a secret . . . and their own mysterious prophecy to fulfill. Stormfur can't understand their strange fascination with him, but he knows the danger they face is real.Meanwhile, back in the f Moons have passed since six cats set out on a journey to save their Clans. Now they are traveling home again, but on

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Paperback, 287 pages
July 25th 2006 by HarperCollins

(first published July 25th 2005)

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0060744545 (ISBN13: 9780060744540)
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The six cats chosen from the four wild Clans of the forest--ThunderClan, ShadowClan,RiverClan and WindClan--are finally on their way back home!

In the first book of the New Prophecy, Midnight, the new warrior Bramleclaw gets a disturbing dream from StarClan telling him to join up with three other cats and "listen to what midnight tells you."
They travel to the Sun-Drown-Place (the sea) and find "midnight".
Midnight the BADGER!
She gives them a warning that they must follow, or it will mean the quick death of every cat in every clan!

So now, in the second book of the series, the cats are on their way home again, but this time with a heavier burden on their shoulders than before.
Halfway home, they encounter a fierce mountain Tribe--the Tribe of Rushing Water, and they have a prophecy of their own:
"A silver cat will come to save us all."
Lucky for them, but unlcuky for the Clan cats--Stormfur is a silver cat, and the Tribe insists on keeping him prisoner until he can defeat Sharptooth, a evil mountain lion! Will rescue Stormfur?

Meanwhile, in the forest waaaaay back home, medicine cat apprentice Leafpool is seeing the destruction of all the clans around her. Then she gets kiddnapped by Twolegs!
If you want to find out what happens, read this book! It doesn't matter if you are already a Warroir fan, or never heard of this book before, you WILL LOVE IT!

I really fell in love with this book beucase it NEVER got slow and it was full of action! Yippeee!!


2017 reread

Me: Maybe Feathertail won't die this time.
Feathertail: *dies tragically*
Me: *looks into the camera*


I love the drama that is in this series! Don't get me wrong there was plenty of drama with Firestars adventures.... But Squirrelflight is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. Her personality if funny, but she is quick tempered with a retort when needed. She's a lot like me. :-)

I am rewriting this review because the old one was pathetic. I like how the Erins are flip flopping between characters in the rest of their series. It adds a different perspective to the warriors world. :-)

This book has been added to my favorites shelf because of the reuniting scene when Squirrelflight and her friends come back to the clans. This scene is one of my favorites of all time. I still think about it sometimes. :-)

(Review revised on June 4, 2011.)


I loved this series when I was younger, so I’ve been enjoying going back and reading through them again. This set definitely isn’t my favorite though, I’ve found that quite a few of the characters irritate me, and I find the plot to be quite lacking in this one especially. Still love this series though!

Saar The Book owl

The 6 cats are on their way to fullfill the phrophecy as explained in the previous book. They discover that Midnight isn't what they thought it was and besides that they meet a new tribe that is in great danger. Danger is lurking ahead, a sacrifice or more has to be made and though decisions has to be taken. This is another book in the Warrior Cats - series, but for now it's my least favorit. Allthough it reads well, it's a bit repetitive and ongoing. There were a few tense moments, but still...I hope the next book will be a bit better.


4.5 stars!
I really appreciated having this book largely take place from Feathertail and Stormfur's perspectives. We rarely get narrators from outside of Thunderclan, so this was a nice treat. I also still enjoy the switching from the perspectives of the cats on the journey to the ones back in the forest. That being said, I do wish that the romantic Crowpaw/Feathertail relationship didn't exist. I don't think it adds much to the story and it blossoms way too quickly to feel authentic.


A whole lot of stuff happened in this book, but Stormfur being one of the MCs really decreased my rating! I definitely think I'm too old to fully appreciate this book, and even the nostalgia of years ago can't redeem them. They'll always stay favourites, but I can see they have flaws. Mostly flaws in their emotions and their insta-love :p Can't wait to get to new stories I haven't read before.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. But it seems, even though I've read them before, I cannot remember it at all. It was still fun to read though, as it was like I was reading it for the first time again.

This one was certainly different - the introduction of a new group of cats The Tribe of Rushing Water. They are desperate but they're not dangerous cats, they just want rid of Sharptooth. And I could have sworn Brook or some other tribe cat went back with them because Stormfur was starting to fall in love with her.

I can't help think Feathertail's death was an answer for hers and Crowpaw's love because they wouldn't be able to see each other once they went home (to their new home, not the one they are in throughout the first series). All the same, and it was sad. But it was bad how they didn't even look or think about the other cats fur, they just automatically took Stormfur as the cat who was going to save them. I'm pretty sure Feathertail and the others would know what colour their own fur is.

What's good and makes you press on is that there's cliffhangers at the end of nearly every chapter, and it's crucial how the story jumps from different cats pov's (especially adding in Stormfurs).

I can't help feeling that the dream that Stormfur got from his mother Silverstream, was a really weak storyline to have, to make him go back to the tribe. I mean they wasted all that time trying to get away and when he gets a dream from StarClan, he admits that they may need him and go back. I supposed there wouldn't have been much of a storyline if that just had happened.

I supposed there wouldn't have been much of a storyline if StarClan had just told all the cats what would happen to the forest, instead of making 4 (turned out to be 6) walk miles to talking to a badger; a cats natural enemy, near the sea. Still, they are great books and I'm sure every book or movie has got a plot that could easily be turned in to 2 pages or something.

If the new tribe hadn't of been introduced I'm pretty sure this book, and only this one, would have been boring. They were already on a mission when they came in to another one, and now it's time to go home. I am dying to read the next book because I really cannot remember what happens even though I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

I feel the characters are really hard to remember, I still probably could not name all the cats who went on the journey. Stormfur, Squirrelpaw, Tawnypaw, Bramblepaw, Feathertail and Crowpaw. Well, maybe I can (and I didn't even need to look at the book), but yeah. The introduction of the new kittypets was interesting, I wonder where they will all end up. I'm dying to hear about Sasha and what she has to say as well, being cooped up where Leafpaw, Mistyfoot, Cloudtail and Brightheart are all being kept. At least Sorreltail will be able to go back and tell Firestar what happened, as long as she wasn't caught (which I don't think she was because she would be in the same place as Leafpaw, unless there are more of the cages in another room or something).

I love all the different cats languages and it's fun picking up what they're saying. I've noticed how the kittypets use language like humans do in real life, they know what cages are even though there's yet to be a group of cats who actually know the word "human". They know their own species so why not ours?

Anyway, I can't think of much else to write because it was mainly about travelling but I must say that they keep me going.


This is crap. I hate these characters so freaking much! I just..... Yeah, I just hate them! I miss firestars bravery. I miss Greystripe's snarky sidekick role. I miss dustplet & sandstorm picking on Firestar then slowly growing to like him. I miss yellowfang.

Here, in this 2nd series I have to deal with a painful collection of characters who make me want to rip my hair out & put a bullet in my head. (Not really, but it's still pretty bad.)

Warning! This will be long, ranting, & possibly full of spoilers. Don't read if you haven't read yet, and don't bash my opinions!

so! "moonrise " book 2 of "warriors: the new prohecy."

It sucked. But before I get in to just why I though it sucked, let me tell you a few things I enjoyed about this novel. The length is good. Nice size for kids. The idea is solid. And epic quest with the stakes higher than ever before. In the 1st series it was just Simply war the clans, mostly fueled by Tigerstar's insane need for dominance over all the clans. Now it's not just tha. It's tensions between the clans PLUS all these new outside threats. Poisoned food, twolegs destroying the forest, cats going missing. It's good. It has decent pacing here too. Much better than book 1. Plus we are shown a band new culture, a tribe of strange cats, so very different from our beloved clans. There are great themes of loyalty, courage, and destiny. Leafpaw is ok, not great. But she's sweet & caring & just a little naive. She tolerable. The adventures are good, sharptooth was pretty cool.

I also have great memories of these books from my childhood. I used to pretend I was a clan cat. :) I wanted to be in Riverclan.

These few things saved it from only 1 star.

You know, With all that stuff, "moonrise" and the rest of the series should be very entertaining for me.

But it's not. It's painful & boring. Honestly, I skimmed through the last half of it, struggling to finish. & why? Why did I hate this so damned much?

The characters! The fucking characters!!!!!!! They make or break a book, and this cast doesn't just break it.

They shattered it into little tiny bite sized bits than exploded it with a million atom bombs. Then gathered up all the dust & debris from that explosion & blew it up again with a blast from the death star.

Now, I addressed my 3 most despised characters in the last book. Squirrelpaw, Brambleclaw, & Crowpaw.

Squirrelpaw is a bitch 4 no reason. Brambleclaw is to perfect & the leader of the chosen cats for no reason. & Crowpaw is also a bitch for no freaking reason!

& now stormfur has joined the ranks. See, I kinda liked him at first. He was strong & loyal. But then I got inside the bastard's head. His flaw? He's a fucking hypocrite! See he bitches at his sister for falling for crow paw, yes? (Don't understand what that sweet cat sees in him. Their personalities just don't mix.) well he has no fucking right to do so when with in the 1st few chapters it's established that he has a crush on Squirrelpaw. This isn't so bad, but he kept going on about her. Saying just how great she is. All pretty & strong & how any cat would be luck to have her. No! She's a bitch. A stuck up bitch! He can't keep going on like that then turn right around & tell off Feathertail!

Then he meets brook. A cat from a tribe that lives in the mountains. He falls in insta love with this cat & starts really embracing their ways. Then acts all offended when his friends question his loyalty to the clans. He also talks about how difficult it is being half clan! acting like he just wants to serve riverclan & protect his beloved sister. Then he goes & chose to go back & help the crazy cats who tried to keep him hostage. Endangering all his friends (the cats who hold the fate of their friends & families in their paws) lives in the process.

He's just awful. I wanted to jump in the pages & kick some sense in him!

Insta love to.... He knew brook for like 5 days. Why was he so broken hearted when she & all her tribe members showed their true colors? He barely knew them!

Feathertail too. She's sweet yeah, but flat as cardboard. I couldn't feel bad when she bite the dust. (Honestly, I think she was just killed off so we wouldn't have to deal with all the forbidden love stuff until much later in the series.)

Moth wing..... I can't like a character who is that deliberately stupid, always choosing 2 betray her clan even after she's told what she's doing is against the code.

Look, I could go on, but I don't see much point. Most of the characters are just plain terrible! I keep hoping that maybe the books will be as fun as I remember from my childhood but so far "the new prophecy" has seriously let me down. & I have to get through them all because I promised my sister & myself that I'd re read them all, so I'll keep reading. At least I'll get to right some long ranting reviews out of it. (glad she doesn't read my reviews, because she loves Erin hunters books.)

Recommended for warriors fans who want to read every single book, but that's about it.