Guru with Guitar

By Vikrmn

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“Life is like a guitar. Tune. Play. Repeat,” says Viktor, a US based financial professional of Indian origin. He was rich, smart, intelligent, witty and emotional too, but still was lost in finding the purpose of his life. In spite of his great job and hefty pay package, he didn't feel the sense of contentment. Then he met Kim, his lady luck. She helped him realize his dre “Life is like a guitar. Tune. Play....

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October 15th 2015 by Srishti Publishers & Distributors

(first published October 1st 2015)

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Quotes From "Guru with Guitar"

"Good people won’t do bad to you if you hurt them. They’ll just be neutral and walk away, with experience and a lesson; and you’ll be left with well-wishers less one."
"Thinking in loneliness and speaking in public are the two things leaders are masters at."
"Hurting a softhearted caring person would please you but loss is yours; you would have friends less one."
"Rainbow of happiness is the byproduct of your inner sunshine, after the rain of sorrows."
What earth is to sky.. on the horizon..
What moon is to night.. no matter start studded ocean!
What Love is to life.. above all give and take..
that you are to me.. a rhythm that soulful music would make!
Let's surrender to each other..
for a dream to be woven together!!
You're my weakness and my strength..
wanna live with you till the end!! .. and beyond.. ;)!!!
Even a dent in the universe..
can't express my Love for you!
My life is yours forever..
O girl, O girl..
O girl.. you be mine!!
Not just for this time..
Everyday beyond.. Valentine,
O O my heart, be my.. Valentine!"
"The Knowledgeable has the intelligent answer; but only the intelligent one asks for a knowledgeable question."
"Be the master of your dreams, not a slave of your sorrows."
"If someone tells you that you can't do it then it actually means that they can't do it."

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