Praying God's Word: Breaking Free From Spiritual Strongholds

By Beth Moore

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How do Christians learn to practice 2 Corinthians 10: 3-5, "tearing down strongholds by captivating our minds with the knowledge of God?" Beth Moore teaches that to be set free from each and every stronghold which claims our lives, we have to replace it with the mind of Christ and fervent daily prayer. Praying God's Word is a topical prayer guide addressing fourteen strong How do Christians learn to practice 2 Corinthians 10: 3-5, "tearing down strongholds by captivating our

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Hardcover, 352 pages
April 1st 2000 by B Books

(first published March 31st 2000)

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Praying God's Word: Breaking Free From Spiritual Strongholds
0805423516 (ISBN13: 9780805423518)
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Rebecca Jo

I have been reading this book for quite a while now, it is an integral part of my quiet time with the Lord in the morning and I don't seem to stop reading it over and over. Praying the Word back to God these past few months has been powerful in my walk with Christ. There is POWER in praying God's word back to Him! By God's grace He has been so faithful to deliver me from many strongholds that have held me captive for years, misbeliefs and lies that I held as core truths and values in my life! Only God has that power, and through this book I have learned how to pray His Word back to Him, praises, requests, His promises, and each time He has given me a word to hide in my heart, a word that enables me to stand firm on His promises and has deepened my walk of faith, not sight. I'm grateful for Beth's passion for God's Word.


Awesome book, that can be an independent study, topical bible study or just a personal reference on several "trouble spots" of the christian walk. I have seen it used as a group bible study but because of the temptation to share outside of the group, I would recommend a very defined and disciplined fixed group to be the most successful. I use it as a topical reference and "check-up" for my heart condition and my walk.

The Insecurity of Feeling Unloved
Feelings of Rejection
Food-Related Strongholds
Ongoing Feelings of Guilt
Despair resulting from loss
Sexual Strongholds
The Enemy
Now it's Your Turn!( A challenge to evaluate your life/needs/desires and check them with scripture) Powerful!!!


Maybe I read this book at a wrong time in my life... Or it may be my catholic upbringing with "man made prayers" that makes me unconfortable with Praying God's Word. I prefer to talk to God instead. I read His word and reading it reminds me that what I am asking is within His will, which is mainly what the author says in this book. But I prefer to use my own words or just say "Lord, I don't know what I need, but I trust You. Please help!"


I read this book on my Kindle, but I have ordered a copy to mark up and use again and again. Not only that, but I have already ordered and given away three copies Beth Moore addresses strongholds with which people struggle, and she brings compassionate and loving insight into these issues, followed by scriptures that can be used to combat these strongholds as "the battlefield is the mind."


Skipping ahead to strongholds that were relevant to me, I didn't find this book particularly fulfilling. The first chapter was excellent. It really got me thinking that I needed the same message Ms. Moore learned: Don't believe in God. Believe Him!

I found somethings didn't sit well with me. I need to find a book on the same subject by a Catholic. I just believe different things than her. We have the same basics, but I crave depth. I need depth that only Catholicism will (and has) satisfy (satisfied).

Soul Passport

If I had to choose a single book that was pivotal in changing my life's direction, this is it. It's an amazing book. I have the audio version as well and often times listen to it as I lay in bed at night. Thank you, Beth, for listening to God's direction in your life. You've changed this life forever.


loved loved loved reading this every morning with my coffee! Beth has worded the scriptures into prayers, topically, for focus on areas we need the Lord's help to overcome....pride, insecurity, guilt, etc. Can't recommend this one enough! Prayer is so powerful, much more so than any self-help strategies.

Kerry Cotten

I still use this book with my prayer time

Adam Shields

Short review: After reading the cover story in Christianity Today in August on Beth Moore, I thought I should probably read something by her. I had a copy of Praying God's Word in audiobook that my mother had purchased on our shared account a couple years ago. So I started listening to it. It was great content. If you have heard about praying by using scripture, but have never done it or would like more instruction, this is a great place to do it. But DO NOT get this on audiobook. It is designed to be used, not listened to. Much of the book is re-writing of scripture into prayer and organized into topical sections for regular prayer use. You cannot do that with an audiobook. So I am back to needing to find a good book by Moore to check out. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know. I gave up about 2/3 of the way through because it just didn't make sense to continue a book that I could not really process as it was intended.

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Straightforward and comprehensive, Moore's Praying God's Word is just that: a topically organized set of scriptures she has written into prayers and organized according to the strongholds that have the greatest impact on most believers. Each chapter begins with an outline of a stronghold-- addiction, despair, and unbelief among others-- often including personal anecdotes and testimonies of having overcome a particular stronghold.

This may not necessarily be a book to read from start to finish. There's no narrative to speak of. It's much more a reference work, despite the warm feeling, easy-to-read prose. More than once I thought I out to make myself a notecard deck from her suggestions and just go through them every day. I probably still will.

We are have spiritual strongholds. If you're serious about praying your way out of bondage and oppression, this is an excellent guide and reference.