The Essential Pointers From The Lazy Man's Way To Enlightenment

By David A. Bhodan

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It's not what you know that holds the key to a radical transformation. The ‘answer’ isn’t found in the accumulation of all that you’ve come to know and believe, but in what you presently aren’t aware of. All your spiritual ideas and beliefs about what is real and true haven’t brought about the peace and contentment you’ve been seeking, has it? What might happen if we appro It's not what you know that...

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August 15th 2015 by Right Now Publishing
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Quotes From "The Essential Pointers From The Lazy Man's Way To Enlightenment"

"If there is any destiny, it is in the “things are always as they are” Reality.  This is what Anthony de Mello meant when he described enlightenment as an “absolute cooperation with the inevitable."
"sensations appearing presently are already welcome in the vast, open, container that you are.  Nothing is preferred or denied entry; nothing needs to be modified or improved.  Nothing needs to be purified, forgiven or worked through.  This moment is whole and complete, as it is."

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