Reign Of The Wolf (Eye Of The Storm, #6)

By Dianna Hardy

4.4 - ratings 45

Day by day, Lydia's mastery of her storm-wielding grows. But whether gift or curse, her achievements are dampened by recent losses, and Taylor's inability to fully heal from his near-death experience. As worry for their future increases, Ryan faces his past once more in a bid to secure the happy future he glimpsed for them all.The full moon is upon them. The Trident are un Day by day, Lydia's mastery of her...

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October 31st 2017 by Satin Smoke Press
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Quotes From "Reign Of The Wolf (Eye Of The Storm, #6)"

"Whether man or beast, the secrets you kept in the fathoms of your heart always held you to ransom."
"Then if we make it to tomorrow, we'll be here to pick up the pieces, and help him carry his load. That's what we do when we love someone: we don't stop them from breaking, we help put them back together."
"Even after it all, would you dance with me again in the eye of the storm?”

“I'd dance with you until the end of forever."
"Storms were created when love was bound; set it free, and it could break barriers, and pave new paths."
"When mortality is the equation, we are but pawns in a game."

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