Dirty Nails

By Regina Bartley

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From the outside looking in, this life may seem jacked up. People may think that I've completely lost my mind. They only see the bruises. They don't know that Maxwell Costin saved my life, and that I owe him everything. I'm alive because of him. So when he tells me to keep my mouth shut, and do what he says then that's exactly what I do. And if anyone asks about the dirty From the outside looking in, this life may seem jacked up. People may think that I've completely lost

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(first published February 1st 2015)

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Dirty Nails was recommended to me by a reader. I asked what everyone's favorite 5 star book was and this one popped up. I sought it out on Goodreads, fell a little in love with the synopsis and one clicked.

The first forty percent of Dirty Nails was not a five star book, for me. I found myself only slightly interested in the story. I was not fully connected enough with Shay to understand her unquestioning attitude towards her situation.

That being said, she really does have an interesting back story. It's dark and all sorts of wrong, had I felt slightly more entranced by Shay herself, I would completely fell into the story.

As it was, it took nearly half of the book for me to be fully hooked. I'm not telling you the first half is bad, it most certainly is not and it's crucial story building. What I am saying is that the second half of the book was much more my taste.

Shay believes herself to be the lone survivor of a family tragedy. Saved by the man who was her father's best friend, taken care of at times, abused at others. She knows no other life. She knows not the secrets that surround her. She never questions her life or Max.

Until Sketch arrives in her life. Making her feel things and eventually showing her that everything she thinks she knows isn't at all what it seems.

I think I should hate Max. Well, I know I should hate Max. However, the biggest feels I had in this book came from him. The villain, the abuser, the monster. He's so hot and cold and I wanted to unravel him, figure out what makes him tick. Sadly, his story isn't really told. Maybe we can talk Bartley into that. I think it is something that needs development. His obsession with Shay was never fully explored and I want it, damn it!

That is kind of the crux of my issues with this book. So much yet to explore. As I said, the story really picks up half way through and from that point it's a bit of a fast ride. I would have liked it to slow a bit and dive into Sketch and Max a little more. It was somewhat rushed.

Does it sound like I didn't like the book? Man, I hope not. I really did. I needed more though. I still want more! Dirty Nails is a good dark romance that had the makings of being a GREAT dark romance.

3.5 Stars

Dusti Hanrahan

3.5'ish stars...
This was just.... eh..ok to me.
It was pretty good and it was an easy read. The storyline was different but it was almost to quick, I would've like more character development I guess....
The dirty nails was icky to me but I guess whatever gets your rocks off right???

Raquel Auriemma

Advanced Review: I feel so lucky to have been able to read Dirty Nails before anyone else.. If you are familiar with Regina Bartley's work, prepare to be blown away because this is unlike anything she has written before. Your jaw may drop, your skin may crawl, but in the end, you will be amazed at what she has done with this story.

Mary Leigh

RLove this book!!!!!!!

I loved this book!!! Shay and Sketch have HOT chemistry together!!! Dirty Nails has it ALL...love, hot alpha males, sex, mystery, suspense, surprises....can't wait to see what's next for Sadie and Cam!!! Loved it Mrs.Bartley :)

Amy Shelton

Shay has experienced tragedy at its worst, watching her parents be murdered at the sweet young age of 10. She was rescued and raised by Max, her future “companion”. She lives each day to obey and love struggling to find out who killed her parents and why. Then enters Sketch as Max’s new right hand man, will he be the one to end her pain or make it worse?

First and foremost, Regina Bartley blew me away with this book. She is an incredible author but this book is on a whole new level and she nailed it !!!

This book starts off dark and heavy, learning about Shays life, past and present. That girl has been through some incredible situations. Sketch is a hardened man with a dark past. These two were my favorites through out the book, page turn by page turn. The suspense in this book is incredibly believable and left me with many many ideas as to what was going to happen next, some were wrong and some were right. I couldn't put the book down due to the incredible details about Shay’s journey, the good, the bad, the ugly. I read it in one sitting as I couldn't stop, I had to know what was going to be in store for Shay and Sketch in the future. Would Shay ever figure out what happened to her parents or would she be strong enough to handle the details to be able to pick up the pieces and move on?

This book was so emotionally charged, with emotions ranging from happy to sad to outraged to excitement to downright depressed that by the time I finished, I felt raw the rest of the day. Had Regina not written the book with the finality and detail she gave it you would probably still be asking why, why, why?!

Normally, this style of book isn't something I would have read, as I like to keep them upbeat and happy, for the most part. Regina has a way of dragging you into her stories line by line, page by page, especially this book with Shays story. It makes you forget it might not be a genre you'd like. This book shows the diversity Regina is able to successfully write!

What does the future hold for Shay, Max, and Sketch? Dive in and find out!

Nikki Reeves

WOW WOW and WOW!!!! When I read this book I was not expecting to be blown away but that is exactly what happened when I was finished reading. This was my first book by Regina and it was AMAZING. Never in a million years did I see the twists and turns of the book coming. I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars because it deserves it.

The book is told through Shay’s POV. So when it starts we are introduced to Shay and Max. At first I didn’t understand why she was there or why she stayed with Max. But as the story unfolds we start to understand why Shay stays with Max and why she does the things she does.

Then enters Switch. I knew he was going to play a huge part in this book from the very beginning. I was actually amazed at the way he treated Shay and how different she was with him. I actually fell in love with Switch when everything started to turn.

There are way too many good parts in this book to give it away in my review so I am trying not to spoil anything. But please please please read this book because it is very good. Just when you think you have things figured out, Regina throws you a curve ball. Twist, turns, secrets, and lies continue to spill out throughout the entire book. There were parts that had my mouth hanging open because I never saw it coming. I HIGHLY recommend reading this because you will not be disappointed one bit!


Ali Crawley

WOWZA!! That is the only way I could think of to start this review. This is my first Regina Bartley read and I am now a SUPER FAN!! The array of emotions that she puts you through in this book is unimaginable. I was pulled into this story with Shay and was never able to leave, except to sleep. The darkness of Max made me want to go into the book and beat him to a pulp, but then you would see a little Maxwell and it made you question everything. It was so effortless to get into Shay's head that you forgot about the abuse she was going through and just felt the love she thought she had for this man. THEN SKETCH happened and you were scared to death for the both of them but also rooting them on in secret. The demons these two hide inside are huge but also bind them so tight that you can't help yourself in getting loss in the possibilities. Yes this story is a dark one, but in the darkness there is a strength that you have to admire.

Thank you Regina Bartley for this wonderful story and for introducing these crazy people into my book world. I know that I will be checking out all of your other books in the near future. Dark or not this is a story that I read almost straight through, with the exception of having to sleep, and I am sitting here now thinking about reading it again just because I can and it was that good. You pulled me right into Shay and Sketch's life and into all the dirty that came along with it. Thanks again!!

Hopelessly Devoted

My Review!!
I'd just like to start this review by giving Ms Bartley a standing ovation! -stands and claps wildly-

This is the twisted and screwed up story of a young girl who believes herself to be in love...she believes that everything that Max does is for her protection. That he is her home, her safe place. If all you have ever known is cruelty...how would you ever know that love could, or indeed SHOULD, be any different?

Then a new guy, Sketch, turns up working for Maxwell, he has as many demons as Shay and the two have an instant, albeit slightly odd, chemistry.

Anyone who has read anything by Regina in the past will be in for a shock...this is soooo far past anything that you'd expect that you'll be knocked into a whole new world! This is raw, exceptionally dark, edgy, gritty and filled with such truly filthy fuckery that even the Dark queen herself (Madam Ker Dukey) would be proud but the Hershey's Bartley undertone still remains true!
The plot was flawless and the character development was spectacular! watching Shay flit between ''Shay'' and returning to Sadie towards the end was deeply heart warning and heart breaking all at once.

This is an un-put-downable story of love, lies murder, betrayal and finally finding redemption.
VERY well done Ms Bartley! I am in Awe
5 STARS (10 if Leanne will let me borrow a few!)

Shirin Rasheed

Dirty Nails is not your Everyday Romance. It's Dark, intriguing, emotional and full of twist and turns.

I read this book in two days. I was hooked to the story from beginning to end. The Book left me Craving for more. There are few books which really grabs your Mind and Soul and Dirty Nails is easily the One. Regina Bartley is One of those Authors whose knows how to write Mindblowing Stories.

I want to thank Regina for Creating Sketch. I so desperately want that Man to be real. He was So Good. I Loved the way he Loved, Protected Shay from the Monsters. He is without Doubt one of My Best Book Boyfriend.

I Recommend Everyone to Please Please Purchase the Book and Read it. It's Amazing.


This was the first time I read a book by Regina and I absolutely LOVED it!

Couldn't put it down - not like I wanted to anyway. The twists towards the end of the story are jaw dropping worthy and all in all, I really loved this book!

Good work Regina!