Causing Heartbreak (Unbroken #2)

By Regina Bartley

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**This is book 2 of the Unbroken Series and it is recommended that you read book 1 Escaping Heartbreak first, before reading book 2**Sometimes in life we can’t help who we fall in love with, no matter how hard we try. No matter what type of person they make us become. Wren Porter knew that first hand. Her best friend’s brother, Dane Evans’ was the only guy she’d ever had e **This is book 2 of the Unbroken Series and it is recommended that you read book 1 Escaping Heartbreak first,

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Kindle Edition, 271 pages
November 28th 2014
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After reading Escaping Heartbreak it was easy to guess that this novel will be very intense. My guess was right.

Causing Heartbreak is a beautifully emotional story about loving and losing, grieving and letting go. A story about learning how to trust and love again after everything was ripped away from you.

When Wren’s heart is crushed by the one she’s loved all her life, she never wants or expects to feel that way again. That until she meets Bentley and her journey to healing begins.

Expect to fall in love with this book from the beginning. Regina has a way of writing that makes you “feel” every page of the book, laugh and cry alongside her characters.

I can’t say much more because I want you to discover Wren and Bentley’s story by yourselves and fall in love with them just like I did.

Can’t wait for the next installment!

4.5 emotional stars

Happy Reading!


☆ I received an ARC via Enticing Journey Book Promotions for the blog tour. Thank you!! ☆Rating and review to come!!

Kendall {Book Crazy}

4/4.5 stars!

I was really excited when I heard about this book! I really enjoyed the first book in the series, and although I knew that this book was going to be about different characters, I still couldn't wait to read it! This book was really sad and emotional, but at the same time it was uplifting! The plot started with a bang, which I didn't see coming, and then it showed the aftermath of what had happened! I was genuinely shocked by what happened at the beginning! I just didn't see it coming! It set the plot up though and the development of it! I really enjoyed the plot too! It was beautiful, sad, and made me tear up at times! It was also developed nicely and I read it in a few sittings! I loved it, and I loved that it had a different spin on it! I also hate to mention it considering I did receive an ARC, but there was a lot of grammar missing in this book, that I was actually fixing it all in my head! I really hope that this is fixed in the final version! That's my only complaint with this book though! The characters were amazing! Wren was the main female character and I have to admit that I did have a bit of a hard time connecting with her at the beginning of this book! Her life was about to change, but I couldn't understand why she couldn't move on from a guy that wanted nothing to do with her! I guess you have to have really strong feelings for someone, which I never have, to be not be able to let them go, so maybe that was why I couldn't understand it! Wren came a long way in this book though, and there were times when I just wanted to wrap her in a huge hug! She grew a lot as a character and I loved her changes and that she grew a lot! She really surprised me, and I loved her more as this book developed! Bentley was the main male character and he was such a sweetheart! I just adored him! He was so attentive and he was always there for Wren, which I loved! I could also see that he had really deep feelings for Wren, and that those feelings intensified as the plot did! Everyone needs a guy like Bentley! He worked hard, was reliable, and was just the sweetest guy! I just absolutely loved him, and he not only added a lot to the plot, but he added a lot to Wren's journey as well! I loved that this book was written from both Wren and Bentley's point of views! It made the book more interesting, and I think that it kinda had to be written from both of their point of views because of what happens in the plot! A few of the characters from the first book also made a few appearances in this book too, which I loved! I'm not sure if there's going to be another book in this series or another book or a novella for Wren and Bentley! I don't think there will be, but I can see maybe a novella for them as the ending was a little bit rushed, but was beautiful! The cover for this book is absolutely stunning! The model on the front suits the character of Wren and it just looks stunning! Big thank you to Regina for an ARC of Causing Heartbreak and to Enticing Journey Book Promotions for having me on the Blog Tour!


I really wanted to love this book, but I didn't. I know that I am definitely in the minority with my rating. I did not read the first book in the series, so maybe that had something to do with it. I did get a general feeling of the back story between Wren and Dane through out this book. The very beginning of the story captivated me, but it slowly faded. One problem I had was there was definitely a conflict of interest when it came to Wren and her doctor. As soon as Wren became the nanny and Bentley told his father he had feelings for Wren, they should have ended their doctor patient relationship. Wrens love for Dane seemed almost juvenile at times. It was never reciprocated, yet she still holds out hope that it was. He was so mean to her. According to Sawyer, Wren cried herself to sleep often because of Dane being so mean. I did feel sorry for her situation, but she had a great, sweet guy ready to give her and the baby everything. She just continued to push him away and hide her feelings. Bentley fell hard and super fast. It was insta love for him, and only after less than 5 min of talking. I truly did not understand why Wren distanced herself from Sawyer after Danes death. And then the story just ended at the 84% mark. It did have a very short epilogue, but it left a lot of questions. I realize this is my very own opinion. Please do not let this stop you from reading this book and forming your own.

Wendy Kelley

I hadn't read the first book so now I have to go back and do it. But this story just rips your heart out. You will instantly fall in love Bentley and Wren. Amazing story by an amazing author.


4.5 Stars! - Causing Heartbreak is the sweetest sort of love story. Ripe with heartache, Wren’s journey does not hesitate to make you feel. Regina has a great writing style that wins me over every time. Her work is filled with witty banter and pop culture references that keep this story fresh and fun. Her characters are complex and imperfect, establishing themselves with their unique voices and complicated histories. This book is well paced, giving me ample time to connect to the characters and understand their struggles before catapulting me into the chaos of new and unexpected love. Wren and Bentley’s book is heavy with emotion, gripping my heart from the start and taking me on a beautiful journey of grief, healing, fresh starts, and family.

Wren came across as the best friend you desperately wish happiness upon. Every moment of emotional agony she endured added to this beautiful girl, giving her a quiet strength that warmed my heart. Bentley isn’t your typical BBF, refusing to be categorized by his profession, wealth or sexual prowess. He’s just Bentley, simple and imperfect in the most wonderfully genuine way. He was a breath of fresh BBF air. Wren and Bentley have a great chemistry that continues to grow as Regina fans the flames. Regina Bartley doesn’t play coy with the emotions fueling this story. She doesn’t hesitate to launch the hard stuff at us right from the beginning. The emotional tone for this book is set early and as we got to know them, it really encouraged a deeper connection to these characters. Causing Heartbreak is at times, melancholy, hopeful, unexpected, overflowing with love, and undoubtedly heartfelt.

Hopelessly Devoted

My Review
This is the second book in the unbroken series (If you haven't read Escaping heartbreak..i seriously suggest that you one click both!) we revisit a standing character, and one of my favourites, Wren Porter! She'd been in love with Dane for half her life and after a hot and steamy alcohol-fuelled one nighter she finds herself pregnant, alone and an ordinary novel this would be where i write that Dane pulled up his socks and relished being a father and he and Wren lived happily ever after......alas, this is Regina Bartley and she wont be happy until she costs me a million pounds in tissues (and saves me a million in therapy!)
Instead a tragedy occurs (no, i'm not telling you what happened, buy the book!) and Wren has to deal with her emotional response while finding a way to carry on.
This is quite honestly one of the most emotive and reactionary books i have ever read, Regina has done something extraordinary with this novel! she's taken a series of tragic and heartbreaking events and turned them into a story of hope. Exceptionally well written as always and, in my opinion, an unmissable addition to any Bartley fans library.
Well done Madam Bartley! You've done our girl proud!

Secretly Adorkable Readers

"I sat down on the edge of the couch and felt her move her legs back. I didn't care if I was invading her space. If I had it my way, I'd be all the way in her space and up in her Kool-Aid. If she spared me one little tiny inch, I would take an entire mile.

Little fireball."

Awh, this book was add to one of my top faves and cries for the year. The beginning truly caused my heart to break in half but I love this author's work and knew she would make it up in the long run. Wren Porter's heart was destroyed from her first love. Feeling the heart break was just the beginning of her journey. Tragic struck and left her all alone but Wren had a reason to live, a reason to breathe again and she knew she needed help to be able to face the biggest obstacle yet to come.

While in counseling, Wren ran into a dark haired young man with gorgeous blue eyes that she could never forget. Little did she knew, that Bentley would help her along her new path of healing.

I love this story. It is a gut wrencher so get your tissues out.

I was gifted this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Philomena Callan Cheekypee

This is the second book in the Unbroken Series.

This is Wrens heartbreaking story. She's a really lovely character but life isn't going to plan. Will she ever find some happiness?

This author certainly knows how to pull your heart apart. I could not put this book down. It's unputdownable. Be warned you may need tissues. If your looking for a book that will pull on your heartstrings then I highly recommend this story. Loved it.

Raquel Auriemma

4.5 stars

Causing Heartbreak certainly started with a bang that I never expected. But it worked and I really enjoyed where Regina took this story. I would love to keep following Wren's story.