Revolutionary Social Change in Colombia: The Origin and Direction of the FARC-EP

By James J. Brittain, James F. Petras

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Insider account of Colombia's guerrilla war, assessing the future of armed struggle in Latin America. Insider account of Colombia's guerrilla war, assessing the future of armed struggle in Latin America.

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ebook, 353 pages
December 9th 2009 by Pluto Press (UK)
1849644233 (ISBN13: 9781849644235)

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Jayden gonzalez

farc's good lads

Josh Sykes

I wrote a review of this book here:

Ash Ponders

It's fine. Not exactly a page turner, but if you need to know about the Farc, this will get you a long way towards understanding.


"For Colombia solidarity activists, Revolutionary Social Change in Colombia is a tool. In the battle of ideas against all of the U.S. ruling class justifications for continuing to give billions of dollars to the Uribe regime through Plan Colombia, or in opposition to the U.S. escalation in Colombia through its seven newly acquired military bases, this book is a weapon. For anyone doing anti-intervention organizing, whether around Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, the Philippines or any place where the U.S. is oppressing the people of the world and where the people are resisting by any means necessary, this book provides a valuable case-study.

Brittain concludes his Revolutionary Social Change in Colombia with a quote from a campesino who he asked if the FARC would succeed in its revolutionary endeavors. The campesino answers, saying, 'The FARC are and have been winning for a long time…I would never say that the FARC will lose, but I will certainly tell you that the state and the elite that repress the people of this country will never win.'"

-Josh Sykes, "Book Review: Revolutionary Social Change in Colombia: The Origin and Direction of the FARC-EP," Fight Back! News

Alejandro Contreras

I read this a while back so my review might not be the best but i just wanted to say that this is honestly one of my favorite books because it’s the only book I’ve been able to find about the FARC that isn’t just redscare demonization bs. The author actually went to Colombia and interviewed guerilla fighters to see their side of things which is something that is rarely, if ever, put out, especially in corporate owned media that is so easily accessible to the public. The author does an amazing job telling the history of the FARC, and their role in Colombia. I will say that it is very dense so if this topic isn’t something you’re very interested in you probably wouldn’t enjoy it much but I will say that it is a very important read, especially for Colombians, like myself, who have only been fed one side of the story and that’s of the Colombian ruling class and state who are guilty of countless murders of social activists, poor civilians, and anyone who threatens their power.

Eren Buğlalılar

Mücadele eden bir örgütün sesini duyurması açısından anlamlı ama beklediğimden zayıf bir kitaptı. FARC'ın tarihine, stratejisine ilişkin bir seyler bulmayı beklerken, bölük pörçük bir anlatımla karşılaştım. FARC'ın yeni tipte bir Marksist-Leninist örgüt olduğunu söylüyor ama bunu yavan alıntıların ötesine taşıyamıyor örneğin. Madem bu kadar yamanlardı, niye Kolombiya faşizmiyle barışmak gibi şaçma bir işe giriştiler?

Herhalde yazarın kafası dağınık. Kolombiyalı devrimci örgüt FARC'ı merak edenler için daha faydalı çalışmalar olduğuna eminim.


Excellent and extremely well researched and written account of resistance in Colombia. Highly recommended.

Adri L

Simply want to read this because it is by one of my favorite professors at Acadia University. & not to mention this topic would be very interesting.