Trust Game

By Scarlet Wolfe

3.76 - ratings 1,071

Reese Abbott thought her step up to an accounting manager would be with a more prestigious company than Casteel Motorsports, especially when she steps foot inside the building. Finding it spattered in grease and overrun by male employees, she wonders what she has gotten herself into.Everett Casteel is the man in charge. His three brothers help run the operation, making it Reese Abbott thought her step up to an accounting...

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June 13th 2014 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

(first published May 29th 2014)

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Quotes From "Trust Game"

"That look. That one damn look from you and I’m finished. You own me, baby."
"Stop worrying about when this ends. You can’t tell me the thought hasn’t crossed your mind that it won’t."

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