40 days with Jesus

By Dave Smith

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Paperback, 144 pages
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Melissa Williams

Whether you're just beginning your journey with Jesus and scripture, or you just want a chance to delve a bit deeper - this book is for you. I loved having a day by day chance to really familiarise myself with the new testament. (I did read more than one day at a time though, I couldn't put it down!) And I've come to have an even better understanding of who Jesus really was/is. And now I love him even more.

I loved it. Thank you.


It's always easy to read daily devotions and feel the holy spirit work within you.

It's always after you read it when you're not trying to focus that's tough and this book allowed me to feel a little more in touch with Jesus for a while after.

Tim Gray

A thought provoking study guide - I struggle a bit with these daily ones, as I end up rushing them sometimes. Some days this one did not let me, it caught my attention and held it. Not perfect, but good stuff.

Sarah Tummey

He's good at explaining things clearly. One to buy a new Christian.

Samantha Fisher

A great study to understand why we practice lent, what it’s all about and the take always that we should know from the experience