But I Liked It... and Other Lies

By Roxanne Fawley

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Sexual abuse can enslave its victims. Just as crippling are the lies they are left believing about themselves. The author battled a lifetime of depression and other mental illnesses brought on by years of childhood abuse, physical and emotional as well as sexual. Now mentally healthy, and happier than she ever dreamed possible, she desires to bring the hope of total restor Sexual abuse can enslave its victims. Just as crippling are the lies they are left believing about themselves. The author

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Paperback, 127 pages
2014 by 5 Fold Media, LLC
1936578891 (ISBN13: 9781936578894)
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Community Reviews

Sally Stap

Roxanne takes the reader down an honest and vulnerable path to share both a spiral down and a climb back up from darkness. The betrayal of someone who was supposed to be her protector gave her mixed signals and confusion for much of her life. However, her faith in God is strong and He has helped her regain control of her life as He walks beside her as the true protector. I appreciated the honesty and vulnerability of Roxanne’s writing. Thank you for sharing your story.


An unbelievable story! Roxanne Fawley respectively captures her emotions and bravely describe how she suffered through her father's sexual madness. She is a brave role model for others who have been exposed to similar travesties and is proof positive that goodness can come from evil...bravo Roxanne!!!

Laura Holmwood

Truly inspiring, great book for anyone trying to overcome and internal struggle. Fawley discusses her past and the journey of recovery for the trauma she faced at such a young age.

Midgie Bardo

This is a well-written book about a difficult subject. The author relates her story with uncommon grace and transparency. She walks the reader through a life touched with violence, abuse and mental illness; but also the miraculous healing power of God. Anyone who has struggled with any of these issues, or with forgiving others or themselves will find themselves touched. Even if you haven't found yourselves in these situations, read it to see the power of God to heal and transform.

A disclaimer on my part: I know the author well. I feel that only helps me in writing my review, for I know that the events in the book are true. I've been privileged to see Roxanne grow and be transformed by the power of God in her life. I've seen firsthand what God can do. Her book and her life have been a blessing to me.

Jan Williams

I cannot rate this book- the subject is difficult and I just cannot bring myself to rate it. Did I like the book? yes- was well written, very difficult- but did I enjoy reading the book- not really. The author shared her heart about her abuse and subsequent mental illness- now finding peace through the love and power of Jesus.
This was not the usual type of book I would read ; it is more of a testimony. I respect the author greatly for sharing her story- and am sure that through it- other folks may be helped.

Anitra White

It took me sometime to read the book because of the content and I have a Hard time with the harm and abuse of people, especially children. It made it more difficult because the author is a personal friend of mine. The book is very well written and the author safely guides you thought the events of her life!!! Well done Mrs. Roxanne. I love that the proceed got to a charitable cause to end Sex Trafficking.

Dan Salerno

A book that bravely discusses the subject of abuse. Roxanne's story is heartbreaking, but it's also a story of redemption and determination. Because of her honesty, integrity and message of hope, I highly recommend it.