Startalk Radio, Season 1

By Neil deGrasse Tyson

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I had a really hard time getting through it. I expected intelligence and stimulating educational talk but his co-host was full of one liner crappy jokes. How is highly disappointed with the series I had such high hopes for it.

Alex Shrugged

Startalk radio is a radio/podcast hosted by Dr. Tyson and a female comedic co-host, Lynne Koplitz. Her job seemed to be to act ignorant and relate to young people. This gave Dr. Tyson an opportunity to teach and explain. Unfortunately, Koplitz was a little too intrusive and distracting. She stepped on Dr. Tyson's lines, the guest's lines, the call-in people's lines. I suppose she was attempting to move the show along, but only the brave of heart (very few) would call in. In one episode she labelled a caller "a drunk". It was funny, but either the caller was on a speaker phone, or the caller was listening to the show live and got mixed up due to the phone delay.

General production as a radio talk show had a lot to be desired. The introduction to the show was complex, difficult to understand and too long. Adding a pre-recorded Bill Nye comment at the beginning was a good idea. It provided a subject to kick off the show. But thereafter, the show was contrived while attempting to seem spontaneous. Portions of pre-recorded interviews were dropped in randomly without an adequate transition. I think the show was going for "edgy and hip", but the result was a choppy feel to the show.

The show itself provided very little information of value. It was simply two people goofing around with Dr. Tyson occasionally dropping in some information.

Here is an example: In one episode Dr. Tyson talked about his green laser pointer. I assumed he was going to mention a few things about quantum mechanics (which makes the laser work). Eventually he did mention this, but his female co-host (Koplitz) interrupted and started making penis jokes. My laser is more powerful than your laser, etc. It probably would have been OK if she had left it at that, but Koplitz went on-and-on about it.

As a free podcast I would not subscribe to Season 1 of this show. I would definitely NOT pay for it. I checked the website and apparently they have done 10 seasons of this stuff. I can only hope it improved.

For a much better alternative I suggest Astronomy Cast with Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela Gay, or Space Radio with Dr. Paul M. Sutter.