The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way

By Wayne W. Dyer

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Intention is generally viewed as a pit-bull kind of determination propelling one to succeed at all costs by never giving up on an inner picture. In this view, an attitude that combines hard work with an indefatigable drive toward excellence is the way to succeed. However, intention is viewed very differently in this book. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has researched intention as a for Intention is generally viewed as a pit-bull kind of determination propelling one to succeed at all costs by never giving

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Paperback, 272 pages
December 15th 2005 by Hay House

(first published February 1st 2004)

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‎The Power of Intention‎
1401902162 (ISBN13: 9781401902162)
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I took this book out from the library and ended up buying a copy of it so I could just have it and refer to it whenever I wanted to. I plan on reading it all over again here soon. It's fabulous! While I haven't read the "The Secret," from what I can gather from the reviews, this is pretty similar and is the "real stuff" without all the marketing fluff.


Although I think Wayne Dyer is discounted as a bit of a crackpot by some and he has clearly stretched out one idea and managed to turn it into several books/cds/seminars/manuals, I do find his thoughts helpful and even uplifting. I have to space him out in my reading/listening because he does get monotonous; however, I feel he has overall good intentions (pun intended)and I think I'll continue to be a follower.


Dr. Dyer sees intention as an inner awareness "that exists in the universe as an invisible force of energy." In this book he links intention to the creative power of the universe and suggests that it is within each one of us, the power to change the world.

Brian Johnson

“Good morning, This is God. I will be handling all of your problems today. I will not need your help, so have a miraculous day.”

“Say to yourself, ‘I’m here on purpose, I can accomplish anything I desire, and I do it by being in harmony with the all pervading creative force in the universe.’”

“One of the most effective means for transcending ordinary and moving into the realm of extraordinary is saying yes more frequently and eliminating no almost completely. I call it saying yes to life. Say yes to yourself, to your family, your children, your coworkers, and your business…”

~ Wayne Dyer from The Power of Intention

Wayne Dyer is one of my absolute favorite teachers. In fact, in my spiritual family tree he’s right there below Maslow in the spiritual dad spot (a position he shares with several peeps)!

Have you ever heard about the effects of kindness on your brain? Dyer shares the amazing science of kindness in The Power of Intention. It goes something like this:

Serotonin is the drug that makes you feel good. It’s what all the pharmaceutical companies pump into those wonderful little antidepressants. It’s also a little drug God decided to pump through our brains when we do things he/she/it likes. It’s kinda like a little reward for good behavior, ya know?

Here are some of my favorite Big Ideas:

1. Serotonin Overdose - Be kind and feel the hit!
2. Act “As If” - Your highest says “Hi!”
3. Coming to Oneself - The four steps of intention.
4. Namaste - I bow to the divine in you.
5. Say, “Yes!!” - Say it again! And again!

Relax. Embrace the Power of Intention. And have a miraculous day.


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Kat McKay

I love Dr. Dyer! I often find myself going back and listening to his audiobooks a second and 3rd time because they make me feel so much better. His message is inspirational and it's like listening to a loving father when he tells it. There's nothing I hate more than self help gurus that yell at you to get there message across, which to me, is contradictory. Dr. Dyer is NOTHING like that! You feel like you're being guided by a loving and caring friend who truly wants you to be your best self and live a life of happiness. I also appreciate that he's not "Christian" centric. Yes, he does quote from Jesus and the Bible, but not in a you-must-conform-to-my-religion way. He also quotes from Buddha and Krishna (but not in this book that I recall, in others he has), famous writers and thinkers, etc. His message is more of universal spirituality.

The book itself explains how to set your intentions, keep in tune with them and use them to achieve your goals. Here refers to several different ways of doing this, such as meditation, using positive thoughts and feelings on a daily basis, etc. and backs it up with personal stories as well as those stories of others.

I wish I could meet him!!!

Shae Burton

I have always enjoyed Wayne Dyer's stuff even if he isn't sure if God is female or not.... Anyway, as he has gotten older his stuff has become more spiritual. He is definitely centered in a higher being and although he seems to be against organized religion I listen to his stuff knowing who my Source is and am grateful for his outspoken belief in God and reminders of the Power we have within and around us. I listened to it as a book on tape and it was definitely worth it.


This really helped remind me how I have been behaving around a certain person and that I need to be more high energy than low energy. I really found this book very interesting.


Frank lent me this book to make use of the first few days of February I spent waiting in his garage for my car to be finished. Somewhat surprisingly, it has opened me up a little despite some of the over-the-top metaphysical discussions. As with all self-help books, you take away the parts you find meaningful to you and let the rest dispose of itself.

Upon finishing this book, I was amazed at the sort of impact it had on my inner-monologue. The main message is that you create your own reality with your thoughts and actions. While I already knew this, putting it into practice is a little trickier. Sometimes reading a whole book to confirm what you already know is what it takes to put ideas into action.

Like some other books I've read recently, The Power of Intention serves as a reminder to be privy to outside conditions and how they might affect our moods and well being. Eating too much food, overdoing it with caffeine and alcohol, letting loud TVs and music interrupt our peace, and associating with toxic people can have larger effects than we can imagine on how we treat others and view ourselves.

We have to train ourselves to be of the mindset the conditions we want are already present. There is an abundance of goodness in this world, and the only thing that keeps us from seeing it are the thoughts we create. I like that he points out in no uncertain terms that stress and anxiety don't "attack" us as we've been conditioned by society to believe, but we create those feelings from our own worries and self-doubt.

Sometimes we question ourselves, and that's normal, but overall mental strength is rooted in positivity. He mentions the possibility that sometimes you have to think about your unimportance to realize your value. You don't have to walk around with a stupid smile plastered on your face reciting Stuart Smalley 24/7 to be positive. The effort lies more in balancing the good and bad, then having the confidence to act with kindness and good intentions.

Speaking of the word for which the book is titled, the author goes into the meaning of "intention" quite a bit and in a way I didn't expect. He believes we are all connected to the Source, which I interpreted him to mean is sort of an underlying rhythm of the universe that has already decided that good things are in store for us. Contrary to the arguments of many, this goes hand-in-hand with free will.

At one point, he goes into the equation of how much energy there is in the world, and how certain people can combat the negative energy of tens, even hundreds, of thousands of people. To me, it just sounded like someone got off on an existential tear one late night, but if that's how some people want to make sense of the world, bully for them.

Overall, this book inspired some tremendously insightful and useful feelings in me as I start my business and enter a new phase of my life. Oftentimes, I would put this book down feeling like a million bucks, like I could do anything. Even better, the author actually outlines some good ways to actually do the "anything" that your heart so desires. At some point, I'm going to have to give this book back, but in the meantime, I plan to refer to it when needed, and I would consider buying more books from this author.


When he says "Intention" I mentally substitute the word "Faith"; then I don't need to learn a whole new terminology. He is really speaking about concepts that have been around for millenium, but has packaged them in a different way.

At the same time I was listening to this, I was also listening to "Self-Esteem & Peak Performance" by Jack Canfield & found Canfield's work a lot more solid as something I can use.
(Self-Esteem & Peak Performance)


Best book I read in 2017. It changed my mindset .. I will definitely re-read it.