Third class in Indian railways

By Mahatma Gandhi

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May 11th 2012

(first published December 1st 1917)

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Quotes From "Third class in Indian railways"

"It is a known fact that the third class traffic pays for the ever-increasing luxuries of first and second class travelling. Surely a third class passenger is entitled at least to the bare necessities of life."
"Gift of life is the greatest of all gifts;"
"The question of vernaculars as media of instruction is of national importance; neglect of the vernaculars means national suicide."
"If there is any substance in what I have said, will not the great missionary bodies of India, to whom she owes a deep debt of gratitude for what they have done and are doing, do still better and serve the spirit of Christianity better by dropping the goal of proselytising while continuing their philanthropic work?"
"If we are unmanly today, we are so, not because we do not know how to strike, but because we fear to die."
"He is the true soldier who knows how to die and stand his ground in the midst of a hail of bullets."

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