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Details Of The Book In Her I Am

In Her I Am


147 ratings - 4.38* vote

Lesbian erotic writing from tenderly seductive to outrageous, raw, stirring images, these are poems of astonishing intensity, vital and unforgettable. This is an amazing collection of erotic pleasures.

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Book details

Paperback, 88 pages
October 1st 1993 by Press Gang Publishers
Original Title
In Her I Am
088974033X (ISBN13: 9780889740334)
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Community Reviews


we long for black & white so we don't have to think or understand, but sex is every color of the rainbow

I usually rate poetry by the way I can relate to it and by the way it makes me feel.
But this time I enjoyed this collection even though I didn't really connect with the poems.

So this is a hard thing to analyze and review, but I feel that while I was not able to relate many of the poems to my own experiences, instead I learned about the author through the poems.
Chrystos speaks of very personal views and of specific anecdotes of her love life that are not supposed to be framed in enough ambiguity to be relatable to every person who happens to be a queer woman.
And of course she also speaks about being a lesbian in 1993, which naturally I could not relate to since that was the year I was born.

Because of that, this poetry collection was mostly a piece of queer history and a learning experience for me, which I can appreciate just the same.

I especially enjoyed the two journal entries at the end. They explain through her perspective on the lesbian community of her time why the poetry collection is constructed and phrased the way it is.
Those entries really sold the book to me in the end.
the christian right which wants to kill queers doesn't care if you only have sex the nice girl way

hanna louise

Fucking brilliant beautiful political dirty sexy tender vital and NECESSARY I want to eat up every word this woman has ever written


One of my favorite books of lesbian poetry.


Omg most beautiful tender exquisite hot poetry ever

Sarena Delgado

style="display:none" “ I rise to meet your light a leaf flames under water haloing the silken web of your fingers”“Close your eyesComeinto a deep dark flowernight woman Inside crescent moon petalsScratch your back on this magentaRoll around in ScarletWake up”

Chris Lynch

I've decided to always have at least one poetry book going, and I started with this collection of lesbian erotica, another Lifeline Bookfest discovery.

I found the book a very mixed bag. Chrystos is deeply concerned with authenticity of identity and feeling. When she nails her vulnerability or callousness towards lovers she's very good; when she misses, it comes across as horribly self-indulgent. I thought her longer prose poems, like 'Top Sadist in Town', were much stronger than the shorter ones (not including the political apologia at the end). The prose poems have a distinctive voice, often tell a story, and feel emotionally visceral.

Her shorter work focuses more on images and lust, and while the metaphors occasionally soar, there are a lot of wet petals and fluttering wings that didn't do it for me. But then, as she makes clear at the end, she's writing for a very small audience, so perhaps it's not for me to judge.

Nairne Holtz

Chrystos prefaces this collection of sex-themed prose-poetry by observing her life as a working-class indigenous femme is rarely portrayed in lesbian fiction. This is true but to suggest she should be read as an anti-oppressive practice does her a huge disservice. She’s a funny, inquiring wordsmith whose fearless explorations of erotic life cover a lot of ground. There’s an unsatisfying fling with a fellow seducer (“Top Sadist in Town”), the ambivalence of two women who are abuse survivors enjoying spanking, and the beauty and joy of passion (“We’re hurtling through stars becoming / here / as we so rarely are”).


My first day on the net ... I didn't just dip my toe in ... I posted a few Chrystos lines from this book and received some mighty powerful responses. This collection is not just erotic poetry ... it is the butch/femme dance done with lust, grace, joy ... a pleasure to behold and even more of a pleasure to share. This book was my first gift to my new love and ahhhh, what a dance it inspired. Chrystos puts it out there blatantly -- let's us see and feel the arousal -- head held high as she twirls in that bright red dress. Take this book to bed and feel the tingle

Samantha Syracuse

Every page screams's love & lust, sadness & happiness. Chrystos holds nothing back. She is generous with detailed metaphors (and the less beat-around-the bush descriptions -- no pun intended) about her many, passionate experiences with other women. Some might argue that her details border on being crude, while others like myself appreciate the honesty and positive sense of identity Chrystos lets shine through her words.


Poetry is not really my thang, but this is one of the first gifts my GF gave me when we started dating & there are definitely some major gems in here, such as The Red Dress (if I'm remembering the title correctly.)