By Regina Bartley

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Innocence taken...A tragedy happened...A heart is left broken...Is love enough to survive?Shine Craven has to learn this the hard way. One tragic day leaves her questioning her strength and her sanity. She is left fighting an internal battle that she believes can't be won. Her best friend thinks that he loves her enough to save her, but sometimes sweet words just aren't en Innocence taken...A tragedy happened...A heart is left broken...Is love enough to survive?Shine Craven has to

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Paperback, 348 pages
December 7th 2013 by Createspace

(first published December 1st 2013)

149351587X (ISBN13: 9781493515875)
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Moonshine by Regina Bartley
So this book took me by surprise because I picked it up as a freebie that just happened to pop up on my newsfeed. I randomly pick these freebies up fully knowing that I will probably forget and they will just sit on my Kindle forever and wind up in no man’s land. I am so glad that this did not happen here. I was at a loss for what to read and on a whim I opened it and said what the heck so I started reading not even knowing what it was about. My very first impression was that this is a simple read (and I don’t mean that in a bad way) every now & then I appreciate those kinds of reads. However it turned into so much more and then I could not put it down. I read it in one day (and those that know me well, know that does not happen on the norm for me) The story was great, and this author nailed it as far as I’m concerned on the depression and anxiety attacks aspect. Believability is very important to me when tackling these types of stories and I BELIVED it. It turned out to be an emotional ride that I felt right in the pit of my stomach. It had an epilogue which is ALWAYS a plus for me. Yes chalk one up for taking a chance on those freebies ladies! Every now and then you just might find a rare gem!

Hooked On Books

This was a very emotional story.

Shine Craven is a young woman, on the verge of graduating from school with her best friend Ryker “Moon” Morgan.

One night she suffers an horrendous incident which sends her on a downward spiral of depression.

Moon loves her & really wants to help her, so when she has to go into a psychiatric hospital, he sends her a letter everyday to let her know he is there for her.

This story tackles the subject of depression very well. You really understand what shine is going through.

It was a very sweet & sour love story. “Moon” & Shine really love each other & it shows in the way they interact with each other.

This was a very easy read, but I did shed a few tears.

Very enjoyable

Lustful Literature


Moonshine is an intense book, the prologue grabbed me and it just took off from there. Shine and Moon have been best friends since the 4th grade. They are in love with each other but are afraid to tell each other in fear of losing their friendship. I would like to say that their story is all hearts and flowers but it is not; one afternoon Shine‘s life is altered forever.

Ryker Morgan (AKA Moon) is in love with Shine and he knows because he feels it. “I love this girl, I mean really love her, but damn her fine body has a way to make me weak at the knees. One kiss would have sent me over the edge and I would have made love to that girl right here in the school hallway. I am not going to wait any longer; I will tell her tonight that I love her. Shine baby, you’re awake, finally. You scared me I thought….Well, I was scared to death I was gonna lose you too. I can’t lose you.” Shine feels the same way but since neither of them act on it, it was frustrating to read. “If he keeps looking at me like this I might melt into the floor.”

I cannot say in too much detail what happened because I’d give away the entire story. This book evoked so many emotions from me that, I cried, screamed, laughed and smiled. Shine went through such a traumatic event and as result she pushed the one person away that was a constant reminder of that dreadful night.

“Go away. I can’t. I can’t be that person, Moon. Things have changed. I am not the same girl I was. I have to have space. I need time to heal and I just really want to be left alone. Things may never go back to the way they were and as bad as it hurts I have to say this. I can’t be around you right now. It hurts me. We can’t see each other.”

Moon is forced to sit back and watch his best friend and the woman he loves withdraw further and further from the world and life. He also has to deal with Shine not wanting him around. He does it the only way he knows how by writing letters to her.

“Dear Shine Baby:

I am writing because you are sick and I know it. Your eyes look black and you’ve lost a lot of weight. You look lost inside that head of yours. Where are you? Where is my Shine? She is gone and I want her back. I’m scared that I’m going to lose you for good, please don’t do this. I feel like I am trading on water and I am going to drown.”

Things get so bad for Shine that she thinks of only one way to make it all go away. Moon knows and feels that something is wrong and he is not going to let the love of his life disappear forever. I love that despite the traumatic experience she went through that she fought to overcome it. She knew this fight would not be easy but she fights hard. Moon does the same by fighting not to lose himself and for Shine. But when the truth comes out, will all the fighting be enough to overcome the pain?

I will tell you that this book is a book worth reading there is so much involved in this story. It is rare that a book can take a reader through a difficult, traumatic and powerful story and yet you are happy with the ending. You root for Moon and Shine. You are proud of Shine (at times I was standing in the back ground cheering Shine on and others I was screaming, crying and saying why ARE PEOPLE NOT REDING THE SIGNS). PLEASE TAKE A CHANCE AND ONE CLICK. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

I received an ARC for an honest review.


Moonshine is a contemporary novel about Shine Craven, a cheerleader who was raped and involved in a car accident soon after. Hence, she started to build a wall around her, shutting out everyone including the boy she loves: her best friend, Moon.

The book switches POV between Shine and Moon. It starts off with two suicide notes. Yes, I just said that. It began with Shine's suicide letters to her parents and best friend. The story will then take you back to the day when Shine's life began to fall apart. In this story, Shine has to deal with things physically as well as mentally. It it about overcoming the struggles in your life and not letting it bring you down.

I'm not going to lie. The beginning of the book was a little hard to get into. The writing was easy to understand but it didn't really flow well together. Once you are used to the writing, the story will take off. I was more and more absorbed into it as the story progressed.

As for the characters, I quite like them all. Shine is a very strong girl. Having gone through something so devastating, I understand why she chose to do certain things. They weren't necessarily the right thing to do but having to struggle with the weight of the situation and without telling anyone can take its toll on her. Moon is a sweet guy but he can be a little too infuriating to read. I wanted to knock some sense into him at times. My favorite character is Bradley. He's a very lovable guy and I adored him so much. He's very understanding and the fact that he tried his best to help Shine even though he has his own troubles is very heartwarming.

I wished we could have gotten to know certain characters even more like Josh and Katie. I do like them but I didn't really knew them that well. There was definitely character development for Shine and Moon, but especially Shine.

What I didn't like about them was how they were too afraid to tell each other how much they loved each other in the beginning. They knew each other for years and they've even flirted with each other here and there. I wished one of them could have taken the courage to confess or at least think that the other might have feelings. Instead, both of them were unaware. Other than that, there were certain parts in the story that were a little too predictable and cliche.

There was one part in the story that I didn't see happening. I didn't like it though. I don't see a reason as to why the author had to do that.

Overall, this was an okay read for me. There were certain parts in the story that could have been improved on or dived into deeper. However, I did enjoy it and it's worth a read. This book does have some mature content so make sure that you're at least 18 if you read the book.

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Heidi Sturgess

What an awesome way to start 2014 reading!

I was given this book by Roses Book Snobs in exchange for an honest review ....

Having lost a beloved and close family member as well as a friend to suicide the book opens with Shine's suicide notes which left my blood running ice cold! I was emotionally involved with the characters from the get go!

The bond that Moon and Shine share is very special and unique . I found myself rooting girls them all the way.

Then comes the traumatic and life altering events that steal so much from Shine, her innocence, her purity, her ability to love send trust and her friendship with Moon takes serious strain .

I sobbed buckets for them! Moon is desperate to support, love and comfort her but sadly he indirectly is a reminder of the day her life changed so dramatically!

Shine eventually alienates those around her and goes into a very dark, very lonely and dangerous place and attempts suicide.Moon saves her and also just in time because she had a back up plan, she was determined to succeed! Shine ends up going to an institute to heal/ recover where she befriends Bradley aka "Johnny" who plays a monumental role in her healing and he's the only one who suspects what truly happened to Shine on that fateful day!

At the end of her stay Shine has one final step in her healing process and that is to share her story which she does with Bradley by her side and in the presence of her folks, therapist and Moon.Again I read in tears crying snotbuckets to be exact! !

Bradley is released before her and tries to reconcile with his loved ones which is futile and ends with a broken hearted Shine and another share in Kleenex for me! Shine is determined to make it girls herself as well as for Bradley ♥

As it happens there was someone who witnessed what happened to Shine on that fateful day and decides to come forward but I think it's more to ease her conscience than to help Shine and I would happily slap this character! DO NOT LIKE this character at all!

I think " My Immortal" from Evavesance should be the theme song for Moonshine!

Thank you Regina Bartley for an awesome read!


This book…wow. It was just amazing.

From the first word of the Prologue I was hooked. The tears started soon after. Early in the book Shine is betrayed by someone close to her and her family. The resulting fallout blows her world to pieces. But she is not the only one affected. Her best friend Moon is lost without her. Their friendship is the stuff of legends. They clicked the moment they met- after she kicked him!

I don’t think I can say enough how much I love dual POV! Especially when done well. RB does a fantastic job giving us both Moon and Shine’s voices- clearly with no repetition.

This story is a fast read- once I stared I couldn’t put it down. The subject matter is intense.

Another thing I liked was the struggle. The struggle to regain her strength, to conquer her fear, to give herself permission to be loved and to feel happiness. The desperation Shine feels the reader feels. She is larger than life- even when she is at her worst. There was an honesty in the telling of the pain and suffering they all had to deal with.

And Moon (Ryker)…LOVE HIM! He finally gets the courage to tell Shine how he feels when his world explodes. Their lives are intertwined and when she pulls away he is devastated. And though he makes a few missteps along the way he is determined to have her back- however that will work. His struggle to bring her back is epic. His dedication and love are evident. Reading his voice broke my heart even more.

Bradley (Johnny)- what can I say about him? His friendship is one of the factor in Shine finding her way back to herself. He has such an amazing heart. When he writes the letter to Moon- telling him not to give up- his beauty shone through.

This is truly a beautiful love story- and to be RB’s first foray into Adult Contemporary makes it even more so. This is a stand alone novel. Highly Recommend.

Jen Turner

Gut wrenching, breath-taking, truly moving and heart breakingly beautiful, Moonshine is a book that I will never ever forget.
This book was not what I expected and it was also unlike any other book I have read this year. For these reasons and the fact that it is absolutely superbly written, it made it on my top list of books from 2013.

I absolutely adore both Moon (Ryker) and Shine's characters, they crept into my heart and my head then stayed there even after I had finished the book, for me that's a sure sign of a good story.

You cant beat a book with a dual point of view, I love that we get to be inside both Shine and Moons heads. Especially with a story of this nature, the dual POV really helps to understand how each of the characters is dealing with 'THE SECRET' (no spoilers here!) and how it can effect more than just the person the tragedy has happened to.
Regina Bartley doesn't skip or gloss over what has happened nor does she dive straight into a happy ever after, oh no, she gets to the nitty gritty and allows you to see the internal struggle the characters go through and the pain they are feeling.

Moonshine had me crying my eyes out, you see the thing is, you cant help but be sucked into this story from the first word to the last word and you feel the characters pain right along with them.

Bradley (AKA Johnny) is Shine's friend who gives us a whole different dimension to this story. He is a big part of Shine's recovery and comes equipped with his own set of tragedy's. He also causes alot of twists in the book, the first one I was like BooM ok I wasn't expecting that and then he leaves us with a DAMN BOOM that I wasn't expecting but was just so right for this story.

Overall I LOVED this book HARD. It is an absolute MUST READ that I cant recommend enough and so I give it 5 BIG BOOK LOVE STARS!


Moonshine was the first book I’ve read by Regina Bartley. Since I was going in blind, I really had no idea what to expect. From the moment I met Shine and Ryker I was hooked. I had to keep reading, keep learning more about them and continue to follow their story. There was no lull, no place where things stopped or slowed for a while. There was only their emotional journey and my need to see it through to the end.

Shine was a beautiful disaster of a girl and I couldn’t help but feel that painful tug on my heartstrings every time she hurt. She had been through something terrible and the pain of that experience consumed her. Her emotional distress was incredibly written throughout the story, allowing me to be completely absorbed into her world. Ryker is the guy every girl wants. I quickly fell under his spell. Ryker’s whole world comes crashing down around him the day that Shine’s life changes forever. Despite his own suffering, he is sweet and kind and compassionate. He was a beautiful character and I absolutely enjoyed getting to know him.

Shine’s story was real and painful and at times devastating. I hurt for her and I cried for her. My heart broke and shattered and ached. Regina Bartley did such an amazing job putting to paper the events that haunt Shine and the reality of the inner conflict that developed as a result. The tragic moments of this story were handled with respect and grace. The characters felt honest and vulnerable and their emotions were entirely organic. From beginning to end I was invested in this book and never once felt disconnected from what was happening on the page. Moonshine left my heart raw but filled with love and light. This story was intense, emotionally overwhelming, and hopeful. Regina Bartley took me on a beautiful journey with Moonshine and I will definitely be reading more from this author.

Secretly Adorkable Readers

I need some time to soak in what I just read. So here is my review.

What an emotional read. I went in and expected the unexpected because I truly didn't know how this book was going to direct us in. First, this is not your ordinary YA Romance with giving you flowers and chocolates with a lot of wooing. No, this story will bring you to an emotional event that will take place in Shines life and leave you feeling raw inside.

Moon aka Ryker Morgan and Shine Craven were neighbors and best friends since they were 13 yrs old. One day, Shine had to stay after school which changed her life forever. She was no longer Moons Shine Baby but was left broken hearted and damaged girl. She went on day by day but making herself hang on by a thread. Shine no longer could look into her best friends deep blue eyes any longer to avoid reliving that day again.

Shine soon no longer wants to live with the pain any longer and decides to write her family and Moon one last time. Will she receive help before it is too late or will she just give up?

I fell in love with some side characters as well, BJ, Mason and Valerie. My heart broke for Bradley because I truly fell in love with him and how he loved Shine to help her overcome.

Moonshine was a beautiful and truly breathtaking. I am hoping maybe a story for Mason and Valerie ;)

"I love you Shine Baby." "I love you back Moon." Moon + Shine = Forever

Bound By Books Book Review

Wow, Regina starts right off with a whopper of a prologue that makes you want to read the story to see why Shine was writing these letters. The story never really stops. It has great flow, welcoming characters and really tugs at your heartstrings.

It's a story of best friends, love, tragedy, understanding, and overcoming your fears. It was a well written story with down home characters and a really good story line. If I say too much, I end up with spoilers, so let's just say that if you need a cry, this will help you let it all out. You really feel for Shine, Ryker (aka Moon) and Bradley. To be eighteen and have your whole life in front of you and then get slammed with a life changing event is bad enough for the victim, but to see what it does to everyone around and involved with that victim was heartbreaking... then to see how Shine flourishes under Bradley (literally) and comes to terms with what happened and how she feels about Ryker, even though it's a very sad story, it's also uplifting to see just how much love helps to overcome ones fears. Do Shine and Ryker get their Happily Ever After? Or is destroyed on that one day that changes not only Shines life, but Rykers as well.

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