UnDivided (Unwind, #4)

By Neal Shusterman

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Teens control the fate of America in the fourth and final book in the New York Times bestselling Unwind dystology by Neal Shusterman.Proactive Citizenry, the company that created Cam from the parts of unwound teens, has a plan: to mass produce rewound teens like Cam for military purposes. And below the surface of that horror lies another shocking level of intrigue: Proacti Teens control the fate of America in the fourth and final book in the New York Times bestselling Unwind dystology by Neal

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Hardcover, 372 pages
October 14th 2014 by Simon & Schuster
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Farah 🌈



This series is supremely fucked up and emotionally exhausting (don't even get me STARTED ON THIS FUCKING BOOK) and fucking brilliant and I will never stop thinking about it. What an amazing way to end an amazing series.

Neal Shusterman, you are a mad genius.


O. M. G. SO MANY. SO MANY FEELS. fjkalsdfjkl; AKA prepare for all of the gifs #sorrynotsorry

Neal Shusterman... WHO ARE YOU? Why are you this good?! (these tears are happy tears. also sad tears. just emotional tears. idk)

Substitute Neal Shusterman

Like where do I even start with this series?

First, let's begin with this because this book deserves one:

We all know that's what you're thinking.

Second, let's continue with one of the main reasons (there are many) why I LOVE this book (and series) so much.
1) The characters, both the "heroes" and the "villains." (quotations because there are no such labels in this series YAAAAAS)
- All of them are believable <- because they are HUMAN (when I say human, I mean with real emotions with messy lives with real flaws and strengths who are trying to make sense of the world that they are in)
- All of them have stories <- which Neal Shusterman beautifully shares and balances -> you connect, get to know, and fall in love with each character
- Even the bad guys have stories that you connect with and understand why they do what they do (even as you shudder and get chills all over your body)
- The individual matters ... NOT just the main characters or actors or POVs covered by the story, but the "common" everyday invisible civilian/official/AWOL/gardener/parent/person ... and it is BEAUTIFUL
- And on and on. aka they are amazing:

2) The world building and masterful storytelling
- the masterful weaving in of tiny stories, tiny parts that are seemingly insignificant, but when brought together, they create something beautiful (do you see what Neal Shusterman did there? re: actual topic covered by the series)
- ex: I am reading something and then I realize that it is an ACTUAL, real-life article that can be read -> augments the reading experience and makes the dystopian world that much more realistic and terrifying, but also hopeful (becuz people can be good and awesome) -> it does what fiction is SUPPOSED to do which is supposed to reflect and reveal our own realities, histories, and stories (YES YES YES NEAL SHUSTERMAN YES YES YES)
- you literally get sucked into the world and you can't get out of it until like never (whoops) because as you flip or click (like me - shoutout to my computer) the last page, you carry that world and the messages it gives with you as you go about your life (like what fiction is supposed to do!!)

3) The message
- You know you've hit the goldmine of a book/series when it not only is fun/amazing/keeps you on the edge of your seat but when it also appeals and challenges your thoughts and empathy and really engages with you as a reader
- Also engages with your morality and questions and guides you through your questioning like any good book should do while not giving you all the answers
- I love the message(s) in this book so much. It kept me smiling, palpitating, crying, laughing, crying again, and squealing in glee/crying the whole way through because it shows you humanity, both the good and the bad, and the potential for both that we all carry

4) so much more that I could drone on about but will bore you

So basic moral of the story (heh), READ THE BOOK. READ THE SERIES. GO GO GO. You've heard me!
If you do: you will be the person on the other end of these gifs.

And you will be doing this:

And this:

Not that I can read the future or anything. (or can I?)

My message to this book and Neal Shusterman: FIVE FOR YOU UNDIVIDED/SERIES (aka Glen Coco) FIVE STARS FOR YOU.

And none for *substitute any dystopian/YA novels that fail hard* BYE.

Update: Feb. 21

October 2014. Come at me bro. But just come faster, please?

What?! A fourth book?


Short review:

I am unwinding in the inside.
My thoughts are in a divided state and I can't make myself rewind them.

This story is too powerful for words.

I just know that I LOVE this series.
I know that I love...
I... I know that...

Full review:

There are very few books so powerful that can follow you into your dreams. That leave an imprint on your soul. That are so dreadful and horrifying, but in the same time so beautiful and completely mesmerising.

And this time around it was true, it was not a wish of sorts, not a simple thought that just comes and goes. After reading it (this whole series), I had the more horrifying night ever – dreaming of unwinds and AWOLs, leaping back into consciousness only to be swept away into another desperate dream, where someone would be divided to pieces and I would endlessly run for my life.

It’s no wonder actually, as I’ve been spending around 4-5 days with the series, so my mind was pretty much overfilled with this story, but still.. I confirm that (indeed) this book has the power to haunt you even in your sleep.

It’s hard to get to the end of a series when you love it as much as I loved this one. It pains me to be over with it.

But truth being told, it was exhausting, emotionally draining! My heart wouldn’t have been able to take any more pain or suspense, and I think that the characters felt just the same.

Everything came into place. Everything made complete sense. All their small fights had an impact on the world around, but the way it resonated – well, that seemed to be a lot greater than the sum of its parts. They probably never dreamed of achieving this much. They just wanted a chance to… be.

If the first book was created as a standalone, the last 3 books come hand in hand. You can’t have one without the others, you can’t see the big picture without reading them all. It started as the story of Risa, Lev and Connor. It ended as the story of so many more.

All those people who didn’t believe in unwinding (/anymore), all those people who needed and wanted things to change, all those people who were guilty in a way or another, all those people that had a handful of letters written in blood, even the world itself was there to watch them take the last steps in this journey – and it was marvellous.

Without any of them, the story wouldn’t have been the same, the ending wouldn’t have been as great. Their individual fights, their sacrifices, their strength and hope for a better world was what drove them on this path.

There are not enough words in this world to express the immensity and the beauty of it all.

I will miss these characters dearly, I feel like knowing them better than I know my own friends and I cared for them so much through this story. They are part of my life now and I refuse to say goodbye.

I wish I could unwind time so I could experience this book from every possible angle, not passing through the moment, but living it.
[adapted from a book quote from Connor]

Happy midnight reading!

* Read the full review here.


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Original rating:


The biggest criminally underrated YA series ever written.

This was a damn near-perfect conclusion to the series and nothing would’ve made me happier than to give it its well deserved 5 stars except that I only wish it didn’t conclude all too neatly, in particular with regards to some of the main characters.

Save for that tiny, VERY TINY drawback, Perfection.


Upon reflection:

Y’know what, F*k it, credit where credit is due.
And in this case it means to hell with ‘neat conclusions’ because this book deserves its credit.


I was just checking my amazon account orders to see when my preordered copy of unsouled would come and I noticed something odd...

By the title "unsouled" where you would usually see "(unwind trilogy #3)" now read "(unwind DYSTOLOGY #3)"

What the fuck is a "dystology"? I have no clue.. Is this even a real word??!! Apparently not.. But upon googling it I discovered that there will be a FOURTH book in the series!!

...maybe more, who knows? The word "dystology" holds many mysteries... o_O

But you know what I just realized? I own the first two books and they specifically say "unwind trilogy" now the last two are gonna say "dystology" and it's going to haunt me to the rest of my days... I'll be forced to see it every time I rearrange my book shelf. >=[ oh no no no.. my OCD does not approve. I'll have to buy new books. Bleh!

Brigid ✩


I need a couple days to process this. Wow.

I don't know why it took me so long to finally finish this series, but I'm glad I finally got around to it. Because dang, this last book was incredible. Talk about an amazing series finale. It's terrifying, intense, disturbing, but ultimately uplifting. As always, Neal Shusterman's world-building, plotting, and characters are just genius.

Full review coming soon!

Kit Kat

When I found out there was going to be a 4th book: