Be Unstoppable: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything

By Alden Mills

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Alden Mills was an uncoordinated asthmatic who went on to become a national rowing champion, three time Navy SEAL Team Commander, inventor of over 20 fitness products and CEO of the #1 fastest growing consumer products company as identified by INC 500 magazine in 2009. Through his own journey to success, Mills identified Eight Actions proven to overcome the bad habits betw Alden Mills was an uncoordinated asthmatic who went on to become a national rowing champion, three time Navy SEAL Team

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Hardcover, 160 pages
December 10th 2013 by Tilbury House Publishers

(first published October 1st 2013)

1937644200 (ISBN13: 9781937644208)
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Highly recommend.


Fun and interesting book that serves as a good refresher on ways to be on top of your game. Met the author at a party and downloaded his book. Glad I did as it never hurts to remind yourself of good habits to help you professionally and in life. Alden Mills gives the reader a step by step guide on how to be Unstoppable….among those on his list are exercise, creating good habits, learning from your mistakes and improving because of them. He uses a cute story to illustrate his points. It's a fun book, easy to read and I think everyone who reads it would take something away from having done so.

Botty Dimanov

style="display:none" UPERSISTUnderstand your whyPlan in 3D (account for different factors & know your plan will never be perfect, update it constantly)Energise to execute (healthy body, healthy mind, energy to execute!)Recognise your reasons to believe in yourself (SELF-belief/confidence can be built by remembering past success) Survey your habitsImprovise to overcome obstacles Seek Expert AdviceTeam up!


Written as a parable that opens the mind up to the possibilities that exist for our lives. He wrote this book for his sons, and I want my sons to read it. Interspersed between sections of the parable, the author shares experiences where he either learned or applied the actions he teaches, many of which come from his seal training. A quick, worthwhile read.

Silver Kuklase

I liked this one because of story format.Some notes:Understand the why, and you will figure out the wayPlan in three dimensionsExercise to executeRecognize your reasons to believeSurvey your habitsImprovise to overcome any obstacleSeek expert adviceTeam up

Eduardo Blandon

Nada nuevo revela el autor, más que el entusiasmo por ideas en las que parece creer. Su experiencia de soldado le da un plus interesante al relato, lleno de humanismo y consejos sinceros. Creo que justifica su lectura si lo hacemos desde una perspectiva que no sea el descubrimiento de una fórmula original.


I started this book early Sunday morning and finished it early afternoon. I could not put it down..I loved it! The story was a timeless one (Young Captain learns from a Seasoned Professional) which would seem archaic and antiquated. It's not written in an over-stylized, educational slant but one in which everyone can understand. U-Persist is something I'll keep in my work and personal life.


Written as a parable. Seems to lose a little steam towards the end of the book. The biggest takeaway, have the end in mind (what is your why), plan, take action, seek help when needed, and team up when needed.


This book has very solid and actionable framework to fulfill yours dreams, aka be unstoppable.
I found the parable story uninterestingt and, after 5 chapters, I just skimmed it directly to the "How to get started" sections. These sections explain how to execute the steps of the framework and have stories of the author's youth and his time on the Navy Seals which are more interesting than the main story.
The author was a ashmatic boy who became a rowing champion and Navy SEAL officer. If he made the book only about his life and his framework I would give 5 stars.

Nicholas Cho


I loved every moment while this book was in my hand. Not only is it informative, it's entertaining too. It was hard for me to put down a book after a chapter because I wanted to bulldoze through it; I stopped after every chapter to give myself time to apply what I learned and to fully absorb the lessons from each chapter.

I suggest you to read this book if you're adamant about developing yourself into a better version of you!