The Bondmaid

By Pearl S. Buck

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Hardcover, 319 pages
Original Title
The Bondmaid
041622220X (ISBN13: 9780416222203)

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The story of a Jewish family in China and the diaspora trying to maintain an identity while the younger generations would rather go along with the gentle, absorbing mainstream society - told with a Chinese maid who watches over her beloved young master anxiously and wishes to see him happy, and at ease of heart, and finally finds her happiness in providing him with a Chinese docile wife unlike the sharp, anguished youong woman of his own people.

Pearl Buck, the writer, relates the facts of history in a separate piece - Jewish people when they were driven out of Judea after Roman occupation and the crucifixion went all over trying to find refuge, and only in two places they found sanctuary, where they could live in peace and were not persecuted.

One of them was china, where they were slowly over the centuries absorbed into the mainstream society, without force and with only love and peace.

The other was India where they survived as a separate group, living as they chose and part of a huge salad bowl that is the general society in India. and some migrated after Israel came into existence more due to reasons of economy or idea of homeland, while some still live in India.

In fact my parents had some classmates that I knew through the schoolbooks of theirs I saw in our home - (trading your old schoolbooks being very much a practice that benefits pupils and keeps the respect for books in India in tact, unlike other countries where they are thrown in trash) - and I realised only much later, after having known about this whole phenomena, that those school friends had been Jewish; there had been no special mention about this in any conversation about them, and that was natural in our ambient social pattern.