Weakfish: Bullying Through the Eyes of A Child

By Michael Dorn

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This book is an analysis of bullying from a child's viewpoint. The story is put in perspective as the author accompanies you on the journey of a real child through adolescence. This story is not only meant to point out the struggle of the victims of bullying, but to remind those of us who have the ability to make a difference how important we can be in others lives. The st This book is an analysis of bullying from a child's viewpoint. The story is put in perspective as the author

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Hardcover, 104 pages
July 23rd 2003 by Safe Havens International, Inc.
Original Title
Weakfish: Bullying Through the Eyes of A Child
0974124001 (ISBN13: 9780974124001)

Community Reviews

Alivia Jensen

I made a point of finding this book after I heard the author, Michael Dorn, speak at my small high school. As he spoke I held the hand of my boyfriend because even he was moved to tears by the inspirational stories Mr. Dorn told. Both his book and his presentation were expertly written and organized in a way we may all relate to. It is a book for everyone. It helps the " weak fish" to get through the bullying, the "barracudas" realize the effects they have on the victims, the teachers and administrators know what they need to be looking out for and the importance of their duties. It also helped me understand a lot about the situations my loved one went through. I recommend this book to every teacher and administrator. I applaud the author for his courage and motivation.


I liked the way the author switched between a child's real life experience and facts about bullying in schools. The author did a great job explaining what the problem was with bullying in schools but I felt like it needed to go a step further with solutions and suggestions to try in a building to keep students safe. I like the point stressed that supervision and relationship building are key components in helping a student that may be a victim or a potential victim of bullying at school. The surveys at the end were also great tools and aided my district in constructing a survey for our students to assess bullying and bullying prevention in our buildings.

Sarah Beth

This book opens the eyes of readers to the atrocities of bullying. It is somewhat similar to the perspective of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas but in the third person. It creates a strong inspiration to be proactive as a teacher or even as any individual within the community. Very moving. A must read for anyone who works with school-age children.


I was hoping for more of a first-hand account of the weakfish's experience rather than a "how to" book.

Karen Ouellette

I have had the privilege of hearing Michael Dorn's inspiring Weakfish presentation on three different occasions. Mr. Dorn worked with our two school districts on safety assessments and school safety policy. During this time, he first gave his riveting presentation to key school administrators, law enforcement officials, community leaders and first emergency responders. He then gave his presentation to parents, school staff and the community. When I heard he was working with another school in our state and would be giving his presentation to parents and school staff in that district, I knew I just had to attend his moving presentation once again. These schools have learned so much from Mr. Dorn's expertise. He is one of the leading school safety experts and he truly cares about all children and their safety. Weakfish is a compelling story that discusses bullying and how it takes everyone to keep children safe - from bus drivers, custodians, office staff and teachers to principals and superintendents. His message is what all school staff and parents should hear. Weakfish touches the hearts of so many. Mr. Dorn is truly a phenomenal speaker. I was thrilled to be able to purchase a copy of this book. Not only have I read it several times, I have shared it with teachers and administrators in yet another school district who found the book to be compelling. This book is a must read for anyone who cares about making a difference in the life of a child.


This book made me sick to my stomach, i don't think it is a book for high school students but rather for high school teachers. I highly recommend that adults that work with children or teenagers on a dayliy bases read this book but i do not think requiering it to be read in a english 10 course is a great idea. that being said i think Michael dron did a wonderful job writing this book it's not that it wasn't a well writen and thought out book it was just not age apropreit.


i did not like it very much it when back and forth to much in the story plot... there really was no plot