Mackay MBA of Selling in The Real World, The

By Lou Holtz

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Harvey Mackay is a legend — his bestsellers Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive and Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt were named by the New York Times as two of the most inspirational business books of all time.Now he’s back with the sum total of decades of sales know-how—teaching go-getters how to make the sale and hit the numbers, day in and day ou Harvey Mackay is a legend — his bestsellers Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive and Beware the Naked

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BuenoBomb aka Andre Bueno

You don't sell to other people, you help them get what they want.
Be prepared. Known yourself and your competition.
Find mentors and model yourself after them
Hire people committed to life long learning
Get information from your prospects about how you are doing. Was I too pushy? Was I too arrogant? Did I follow up enough?

Give a talk and publicize it

Make sure to listen. I mean really listen. This is a skill that is not so common these days and you can extract a lot of information by just listening. Be sure to empathize and relate to the persons situation and you will see how much easier these conversations will go.

Be more childlike in your business dealings. Get curious. Believe anything is possible.

Someone asked Helen Keller if losing her eyesight is the worst thing that can happen in the world. She responded, that the worst thing that could happen is losing your vision. Eyesight is what you see in front of you vision is what you see all the way down the road.

Enthusiasm is an essential ingredient for a fulfilling life. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Sales people need to be focus on just selling. If you are good at sales we can find someone that can do the paperwork for you.

Pre-qualify all your leads.


This book is stuffed with gems of wisdom and information about how to improve and grow to be successful in life and in one's career. Though it was written for aspiring and experienced sales professionals, the information in this book is relevant for ANYONE who does ANYTHING in work or at home (basically, you should check out this book). Each chapter ends with a "McKay Moral" that neatly summarizes the key point. Many of the principles that McKay mentions weren't new to me, but many of them were great reminders. McKay provides many succinct quotes and proverbs that have helped him in his life. This is a valuable book that I'll probably revisit multiple times in the future.

As a Minnesotan, I found this interesting from a personal and historical perspective because of McKay's history in MN and some of the things he has done that have left a mark here.

Jim Thomas

Good guy, dated material. This book was a gift from the author. Mackay writes great columns in the local paper. He wrote an excellent column in September for which I saluted him with praise. Harvey had a great timely process on place to handle this as a testimonial which culminated in a free signed book.The book was an extension of his column with a singular message for 300 pages. It was hard to stretch out that advice into a book.

Cathie Books

This is (rightly so) an enigmatic guide for a salesperson whether one is a newbie or seasoned professional. Hold on! This, emphatically, is a knowledge goldmine for anyone in any profession. Harvey invites you into the world of selling and extrapolates on it with humility and wisdom born out of his own life and business experiences. Gritty, savvy, hilarious, endearing cover to cover.

Caleb Smith

As a teen entrepreneur, I really appreciated his light writing style with lots of wisdom nuggets tucked in. Devoured this book over the winter. Really useful resource for youth who are looking to learn from the masters.


A good read with valuable lessonsWell written book on selling with actionable techniques. Highly recommended. Mackay offers useful ideas that are applicable to the real world

Simon Fisher

Great book from the old master. Important is the concept that everyone is a salesperson.

Peter Nakamura

Harvey Mackay is a world-renowned business speaker and sales guru. He’s written multiple New York Times best-selling books and his work has been recognized by sales leaders by the likes of John C. Maxwell and Jeffrey Gitomer. In his latest book, Harvey shares with his readers the keys to becoming a top performing salesperson and lessons that he’s learned from his life starting as a newspaper delivery boy to becoming the CEO of a $100 million company.

The book isn’t so much about the latest sales tactics and strategies. Harvey is pretty old school when it comes to his approach but the core of his message is about the intangible aspects of what makes a sales superstar. His book comes in highly digestible, bite-size pieces so you can pickup the book from anywhere you want and there’s always a nugget that you can easily apply to your life and career.

To me, this book was all about the mentality of what makes you successful in sales and in life. (Aren’t we all in sales after all?) Chock full with inspirational quotes like “make a second effort your second nature” and stories with a powerful message, The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World will give you a greater sense of confidence and motivation to be the best salesperson you can be.

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Karen Carr

Reviewed by K. J. Carr, Revitalize Life Coaching, LLC

The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World. By Harvey Mackay

The core of this book, in addition to Mackay’s signature optimism, is its broad span of ideas from Hank Aaron, Houdini, Oprah to Zig Ziglar.

Structured by 7 sections starting with You and ending with Excel. Some of the best ideas are those he gleans from others. “As Malcolm Gladwell puts it, ‘Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.”

He also ends each chapter with Mackay’s Moral. Chapter 2 ends with “If you believe, you will achieve.”

The idea of the bucket list can be overdone. But Mackay outlines his notion of a powerful Bucket List with an inspired nod to the challenge of sales in the 21st century. “…Imagine you’re endowing a major foundation. What would its goals be? How would you channel the giving? Which one person would you support in their work to better the world?” These are the kinds of energizing sparks sprinkled throughout the book.

If you’re interested in a book with easy to read snippets and short chapters to remind you of some age-old rules of engagement, this one, which runs a solid 325 pages, not including the index, is a treasure trove.

David Dalka

Harvay Mackay is a one of a kind original. They don't make people like him anymore. I wish they did.

This book reviews and updates Harvey's views on selling. It speaks from the heart on the issue and it serves as a great read, especially to new generations.

Please read my Harvey Mackay Book Interview : THE MACKAY MBA OF SELLING IN THE REAL WORLD from my advance copy from the publisher. Enjoy.