The Festival By The Sea

By June Loves

58 ratings - 2.95* vote

Gina Laurel is ready to move on from her quiet life at Shelly Beach – and she's got the brilliant job offer to prove it. But when her erstwhile lover – and director of the inaugural Shelly Beach Writers' Festival – takes a job in the city, Gina finds herself the last-minute fill-in as director of the chaotic seaside festival.Before she can rejoin the rat race, she must neg Gina Laurel is ready to move on from her quiet life at Shelly Beach – and she's got the brilliant job

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Paperback, 368 pages
January 25th 2012

Community Reviews


I really enjoyed this second instalment of The Shelley Beach Writeers Group. Adrian has once again dropped Gina in the thick of things by asking her to take over as manager of the planned Literary Weekend. Gina, after discussing it with The Dog, decides to pick up the program and run with it. I would love to live in a place like Shelley Beach, where all the inhabitants are supportive and enthusiastic about their community. I have just started book three in the series.

Lesley Roberts

The dialogue with The Dog gets a bit much for someone who is not an animal lover. The ending was predictable & the relationship with her "fiancee" was tenuous at best. Won't bother with the third book in this series.


Good book for a light read that you can pick up and put down.

Rebecca Kent

By page 24 I was already bored, but I persevered (I ALWAYS finish a book once started) and by the end of the book I was still bored. The "conversations" with the Dog irritated me - no issues with her talking to the Dog (i talk to mine!) but the third person style responses ..... Ergh.
It was like reading a very boring diary where every day is the same - walk dog, drink coffee, talk to locals, repeat.
The relationships in the book are thinner than the pages they are written on. The love interest, who in the space of 3 weeks goes from dumped to engaged to the main character frankly seems like a bit of a self centred douche. There is no fire or passion to their relationship, he says jump and she says 'whatever you say dear', but in a feisty second hand designer suit because, you know, she's an in control business woman of the world type.
Bottom line - the book lacks depth and action of any kind.


An enjoyable-enough sequel to "The Shelly Beach Writers' Group." Gina is still in Shelly Beach, but this time she's directing a weekend writers' festival...the last volunteer task to be completed by Gina as a "local" before she makes her move back to the city for a high-flying, corporate job. At times, the deliberately staccato pace of the book--intended to mimic the nature of the to-do lists that Gina is constantly drawing up--becomes a little repetitive. Knowing the exact movements of every character--Violet setting up the muffins, Violet setting up the coffee and tea, Violet putting on her HealthSmart gloves--can be a little tedious. But I do love the Dog (aka Hugo). If there's any book that demonstrates the virtues of animal companionship, this one is it.


Oh joy! more days with Gina and dog (who recently considered adding an extra 'g' to his name) in Shelly Beach. I loved this book - it was funny and heartwarming. I so enjoyed 'The Shelly Beach Writers' Group' and I felt reading June's latest book that I was back among old friends.

Han Le flueff

2.7 stars


I felt this was a very long list of things to do and by the end I was quite tired! Here's to the next book....