UnSouled (Unwind, #3)

By Neal Shusterman

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The story that began with Unwind continues.Connor and Lev are on the run after the destruction of the Graveyard, the last safe haven for AWOL Unwinds. But for the first time, they’re not just running away from something. This time, they’re running toward answers, in the form of a woman Proactive Citizenry has tried to erase from history itself. If they can find her, and le The story that began with Unwind continues.Connor and Lev are on the run after the destruction of the Graveyard, the

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Paperback, 404 pages
November 7th 2013 by Simon & Schuster UK

(first published October 15th 2013)

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147111810X (ISBN13: 9781471118104)
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That's a spooky cover. Chills, man. LOOK AT THE HEAD WITH EYES OPEN. Wow. I didn't feel it at at first glance, but I think I do now. Eerie and fitting.




♥ Marlene♥

I was the lucky one who discovered Unwind only this year and had to wait just a bit to read Unwholly.
You poor people who had to wait 5 years!
Well let's hope Unsouled will really be published in 2013 and preferably on January 1. right? ;)

Update January 29 2016. Yes I am finally reading it. Just re read the first 2 books and now reading this and it is all new and I love it. Love the new character of Gracie.

February 2 2016. You know what I am most surprised of? That this book did not disappoint! Normally reading a series there is always one book that sucks. Right now I am reading U divided which if I understand correctly is the last of the 4 and that Unbound is more a story about other things unrelated to our main characters so I will read book 4 as if it is the last.

What great series this is.

Robin (Bridge Four)

Reread/buddy read with some fellow BBBers

While this is my least favorite book of the series it is still a strong 4 star read for me. I love the character development and the way even more of the history of unwinding is shown to the reader. The first read through I was a little distracted waiting for Conner and Risa to find each other again, but this read through I could sit back and really take in the story. So many heart wrenching moments, Cam and Una especially torn at my heartstrings. Even better the second time through.

4 Strong Stars

“You want to know the real reason unwinding keeps going strong, Miss Risa Ward? It’s because of the things we’re willing to do to save our children.” She thinks about it and laughs ruefully. “Imagine that. We’re willing to sacrifice the children we don’t love for the ones we do…”

Neal Shusterman is a genius story teller. He builds his stories layer by layer, revealing the plot through multiple POVs. While the majority of POVs are from Connor, Lev, Risa and Cam the others all add so much to the depth and thought put into all aspects of the book. It is like a chess board and he is moving all the pieces of the puzzle around letting you see most of the plays before the final conclusion of the game. Some pieces will be sacrificed, some will only be distractions, some support and others will sneak in change the game completely. But inevitably the game will end with a victor, who that victor will be and how s still anyone’s guess.

I’m wowed by this story. The initial horror that I felt in Unwind by the atrocities committed in that book haven’t left me and even when I think I can’t be more horrified by anything else in this series I’m proven wrong again. From who is really controlling the clappers to what Proactive Citizenry is willing to do or has done to keep all the body parts coming.

Neal Shusterman lets us walk through unwinding’s past as the scientist Jansen Rheinschild horrified by what he has invented and how it is to be used tries to correct his mistakes. At the beginning of each Part there is a snippet of Jansen’s past leading to a better understanding of the present. Neal is also great at showing what is going on in the present story with some of the propaganda and commercial ads that are being ran. This is a brilliant mechanism in the story as it lets the reader see what society is really like.

Connor and Lev - Are on the run together trying to get to Sonia who might have a key to why Proactive Citizenry would have erased her husband from history. They hope it is a key on how to stop unwinding all together. But along the way they run into a few obstacles and end up meeting Grace as well as a few friends from Lev’s past.

No true hero ever believes that they are one,” she tells him. “So you go ahead, Lev, and keep denying it with every fiber of you being.”

It’s clear the Lev still has a major part to play in the downfall of the system. He just isn’t sure what it is yet.

Cam - Cam is struggling with who and what he is, does he even have a soul is he more than just a collection of all of his parts. Cam is determined to make the people who rewound him pay. He still believes that will make Risa love him and that is the only thing he wants.

Cam knows beyond a shadow of a doubt he could fill that void in her, if only she loved him enough to let him. It would be the one thing that would make him feel whole.

Cam is putting all his trust into loving Risa. But he still doesn’t know that Connor is alive and maybe there isn’t any room in Risa’s heart to love him that way. He is definitely a wild card because what will he do if he doesn’t get the girl he wants.

Risa - Risa knows the ADR is in shambles but she wants to help revive it. Although she misses Connor, I like that she is never so consumed by it that she drops all of her goals to help the Unwinds to just look for him. Risa stays on her own path and while she hopes to see him again she sticks to the bigger picture of trying to find a way to fight against the system. She even runs into an old friend of Lev’s along the way CyFy. I was so happy to see that kid again. He still has a very interesting story and it is interesting to see how some people with unwound parts choose to live.

Starkey - Is evil and awful and a complete freaking psychopath. But he is a charismatic psychopath who is leading a band of stork kids escaped from the Graveyard. Every time I think Starkey can’t do anything more horrendous well he does and I become even more disgusted with him. He is the ultimate bad guy, looking only for glory and immortality willing to sacrifice anyone and everyone else to get it. I love hating him.

There are some other characters that really add to the story. Grace is a new addition to the AWOLs as she is traveling with Conner. I really liked the way she is simple minded yet an idiot savant at strategy and is a great addition to the team. We get to see Hayden again I was worried about what happened to him after he was captured in Unwholly.

There was a lot of development of the individual characters in this book. Cam and Starkey especially I see as more three dimensional now. Conner, Risa and Lev have changed so much from when they first escaped together. My one and only complaint is I really wanted Conner and Risa to find each other sooner, but I can’t even be mad about that because it was perfect how it happened.

The big reveal at the end was a little shocking but not unexpected and I really believe that this book was the best jumping board it could be going into the final book of the series. It was emotionally gripping and I stayed locked into the story the entire time waiting to see what would come next. Neal Shusterman has his work cut out for him to make the final book as strong as the rest of the series but he has a great lead in with this book and I can’t help but feel that everything in the last book will be absolutely epic.

Wendy Darling

Thank god there's not a 5-year wait before this one is out. *wipes sweat off brow*


Though my least favourite of the series but still a fantastic read. Absolutely fantastic. This series has easily become one of my favourites and as eager as I am to see how it all concludes, I’m also incredibly sand to see it end.




Do you ever just stare at people and think "wow, I really want to caress your brain?" Or, in more normal phrasing, have you ever admired someone's intelligence from afar? I've felt that way with several of my professors this semester, but I would love to just sit in a room with Neal Shusterman's brain (or Neal Shusterman himself, I suppose) and ask: how do you do it? How do you write? How do you breathe the same air us humans do?

On a more serious note, UnSouled serves as the third book of the Unwind Dystology (sorry for the abundance of parentheticals, but is that a real world? Anyone?) Authorities still arrest teens and unwind them for their organs and body parts, but Shusterman raises the stakes as new laws concerning the unwinding of adults and a repeal of Cap-17 garner political attention. The book follows Connor, Lev, Cam, and Risa, but voices from the second book like Starkey and new characters like Grace get time in the spotlight too. Three sides of an inevitable war arise: those in favor of unwinding, those who will use violence to avenge the unwound, and those who wish to end it for good.

As always, Shusterman balances a wealth of points of view, an intense and layered plot, and a host of societal issues. While some YA authors who write dystopia tend to favor one aspect of the story, like the romance, the world-building, etc. Shusterman develops it all with finesse. He draws from old conflicts, like Connor's relationship with his parents, in addition to new ones, like the competition between Cam and Connor. In the end we're left to think for ourselves - what makes people people? How significant is each individual part of us in comparison to the whole? What really comprises that whole aside from our organs and bones?

While UnSouled felt like the typical middle installment that plodded along for the sake of preparation, Shusterman's talent kept me invested. I eagerly anticipate the emotional bomb that will be Undivided and I highly recommend this series to all.


After the destruction of the graveyard Connor and Lev are once again running, but this time they aren't just running away from something. They are running to find answers. Connor believes the answers will come from an old friend who he's discovered is so much more than she appeared.

Make no mistake UnSouled is a transition book. Most large series have at least one and UnSouled is the transition book for the Unwind Dystology. The board is being set, the pieces are taking their places, and events are about to become explosive...in the next book. This book is a bit slower with more parts that didn't feel quite as important as the events in the previous two books in the series, but there is still a lot of great storytelling happening here.

First off I have to discuss the curious case of Camus Comprix because his existence at this point makes no sense. I assumed at some point the purpose of his creation would be made clear, but after two books it seems Neal Shusterman and Proactive Citizenry made him for the same reason...just because they could. On top of that his own motives are inexplicable. Cam basically fell for a picture of a girl who he came to learn thought he was a monster and by the end of book two had some respect for him. So what does Cam do because of this? Vows to take down his makers who have provided him with a lavish lifestyle to say it nicely. He has minimal reasoning for practically all his behaviors and he's kind of harshing my vibe when I'm reading the book. I get it he had no choice in being made, but I can't feel sympathetic for him.

I love Grace. I love that nothing about her is standard. She isn't a beautiful girl to be saved or gawked at. Grace is described as "not fat, but heavyset and unshapely. Dowdy..." Also that "[t]he slack expression on her face speaks of a dullness that isn't her fault." She's immediately introduced as being a low cortical which I imagine is supposed to say she has a mental disorder of some sort. Don't be blinded by her outward appearance or slack face because she is something special and the story displays it quickly and often. I just loved her.

I'd be remiss to not mention Starkey. When he first arrived in the story I thought he was a murdering version of Roland, but this young man is far more capable and resourceful than I could have ever imagine. He builds on his ruthlessness and resourcefulness from UnWholly. If the AWOL unwinds simply needed to go to war to stop unwinding then Starkey is undoubtedly one of it's best options for a general.

UnSouled was a good story and I'm excited to see what happens next in the dark world of the Unwind Dystology.

Ai Haibara



Before reading review






It looks creepy and scary yet still manages to have a sense of loneliness and hollowness that just... MAKES ME SPEECHLESS.




This book will break my heart, mash it up to potato gravy, burn it to nothing and I know I will still love it.


I need the book NOW!

Maria V. Snyder

Lots going on in this third installment of the Unwind dystology! This book is definitely a part of a series (you can't read it out of order). Also there are too many things that are left unresolved at the end and lots of POV characters so not a ton of advancement in plot for each person - you get bits and pieces (no pun intended) and then the POV switches to someone else. I really don't like spending too much time in Nelson or Starkey's heads and would have rather stayed with Conner, Risa and Lev. Many times I had to flip back to the earlier sections to remind myself what's was going on with a certain character. I'm going to take a break but will return to this world soon as I need to finish it up!