Life of St. Francis of Assisi

By Paul Sabatier

129 ratings - 3.7* vote

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Kindle Edition, 420 pages

(first published January 1st 1897)

Community Reviews

Doreen Petersen

A devout and determined man Saint Francis is a gem on the history of the church. A great read for all.


A straight-forward biography for the casual reader that seems also to be well-referenced enough for those with more scholarly interests. The writing is accessible and even poetic at times. A decent starting point for anyone interested in learning more about St. Francis--but be prepared to do some skimming when the detailed narrative starts getting bogged down.

Robert Lloyd

Okay in partsThis is an older book, but was free so I got it. I felt like the author wrote well in some parts of the book, but seemed to drone on forever in other parts, making it hard to follow what was going on.

Patricia L. Schultz

A very good book, and very well written. Captured things about his personal life that makes him real; shows what a unique and amazing man of God this man really was, and how selfless he was, because of his love for the Lord! This book captures what a truly amazing man he was!

Amy Looney

Let it serve as a warning that this book was written in the nineteenth century. The author writes a very thorough biography of St. Francis. At times the author is critical of the Catholic Church's treatment of St. Francis, and an extensive review of the sources at the end of the work (some 15% of the work if you read it on a Kindle), becomes a bit burdensome if you continue to read. I would recommend the book if you want a basic overview of the life of St. Francis.

Peggy Zimmerman

I enjoyed learning more about St. Francis, how his writings came about, etc.

Carol B Davis

ScholarThis book was too involved. Felt like it was not a scholar not just a simple person like me who had hoped to learn a.little about st. Francis.

Frank G. Testa

Can't understand most of the words

Not for me

You. Need a dictionary next to you in order to understand any sentence.
Sorry but thank you very much .


I like the scholarship here. It is good to read someone who stays close to the original sources. The almost hagiographic style, however, makes this a single-chapter-a-day slog.