The Time of My Life

By Cecelia Ahern

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Lucy Silchester has an appointment with her life – and she’s going to have to keep it.Lying on Lucy Silchester’s carpet one day when she returns from work is a gold envelope. Inside is an invitation – to a meeting with Life. Her life. It turns out she's been ignoring it and it needs to meet with her face to face.It sounds peculiar, but Lucy’s read about this in a magazine. Lucy Silchester has an appointment with her life – and she’s going to have to keep it.Lying on Lucy

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Hardcover, 392 pages
October 13th 2011 by HarperCollins

(first published September 20th 2011)

Original Title
The Time of My Life
0007350430 (ISBN13: 9780007350438)
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Mansi Sharma

LOVED the book! It was so good! So funny! So...Life-like. :)
Lucy Silchester is fine, absolutely fine. So why is it that, of all the miserable, poor, distraught people in the world, it is she who receives a letter asking her to fix an appointment with Life? The letter -after being peed on by her illegally owned cat- lies ignored, like the rest of the things in her Life. She has a job she doesn't love. She has a family she actually likes to visit- if held at gun point. She manages to divide her time between helping her friends, working on her car (whom she calls Sebastian) and feeding her cat. She's so busy that she leaves every gathering, every meeting before it ends. Every work before it's finished. But there's one thing she can not leave unfinished or unattended. And that is her Life. She needs to spend time with it. Make it happy. Because even if you give up on your Life, your Life doesn't. It stays there, the torn being, begging you to fix it. And Lucy, as much as she's unwilling, is about to do just that. Fix her Life.

I absolutely loved the narrative! Lucy has a cat and she's so funny! Lucy, not the cat. She named the cat Mr. Pan but sometimes she calls her Hillary, Julia or Mary. :D It was SO good. The book, not the cat. :P I felt so close to Lucy. Loved her Life. Hated her Father. The book is so well written...and I already feel like I've lost a best friend. This was the only Cecelia Ahern book I was left with, and now that its over, I can't wait for her to write more.
It's definitely a GoodRead! So go ahead and grab the book because I'm sure you're going to love the experience with Life! Happy Reading! :)

Asha Seth

Did I really rate it 1 star?

Well, I’ve never been a huge fan of Cecelia’s but this book certainly left me skeptical about pursuing any other of her novels.

‘P.S. I Love You‘, her first novel that I’d read was comparatively better than this one. The Time Of My Life was so utterly annoying that with each page it just kept getting to me and it almost made me cry as I couldn’t manage finishing it sooner.

Going back to the moment I first saw it in the bookstore, I’m now wondering as to what made her start writing this book at the first place. It is mere SHIT.
All through the book, the female protagonist (wait a minute, what was her name? Lucy or something. Oh! forget it! who cares!) tries to get in peace with her life personally, professionally, socially and on every other ground while she’s messing it all up at the same time with her never-ending lies that she lives with. Nick-naming, cursing everyone around when actually she is the real culprit dirtying the picture around others’ lives. To add to the misery, she keeps receiving appointment letters to have a meeting with her life. Now, it is actually her LIFE we are talking about. Doesn’t it sound like utter madness! So yes, she makes an appointment with her life who happens to be a man by the name Cosmo Brown. Really, Cosmo, eh?? And through half the book he is trying to gear up her life. Bring it back on track types. Gosh!

I repeatedly kept putting the book down after certain instances where I just couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to cry, no yell, at her inane stupidity.

Ms. Ahern tries to put the hearts of her distressed readers to peace after around 350 pages and starts to put pieces back together in the protagonists life for a so-called-happy-sappy-ending. But, excuse me! It just didn’t work for me after having literally pulled, tugged, dragged myself through the 350 pages shit and then accept make-overs in the last 50 pages.

In short, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone as I’ve already wasted ‘The Time of my life’ and wouldn’t want others to follow suit. Read it only if you have nothing, absolutely nothing better to do with your life.


Sharon Vander Meer

I may have found my new favorite female author. She’s in her early thirties and is already an internationally known writer with several best sellers. If "The Time of My Life," is an example of her work, Cecelia Ahern will be around for a long time.

The story begins with, “Dear Lucy Silchester, You have an appointment for Monday, May 30.” Lucy doesn’t need to read any more; she’s already ignored several invitations just like it, all signed, “Yours sincerely, Life.”

The funny thing is, Lucy isn’t surprised by this invitation to meet with her life, she simply doesn’t want to do it. She has created a nice little nest for herself in a tiny apartment with a found cat, a neighbor in her own little world of denial and a job she isn’t required to do much more than show up for. Not that she isn’t well-qualified to do the work of translating product manuals, after all she is fluent in multiple languages. The one she is only slightly familiar with, she has creatively found a way around. As far as her bosses and coworkers are concerned she is qualified as an interpreter in five languages when she is in fact qualified in only four. Her existence for the past two and one-half years is carefully built on a shaky framework of little lies that begin to crumble. It all starts to unravel when Life, with a capital “L”, forces her to confront the truth of Lucy Silchester, and where she really is in the arc of her life.

"The Time of My Life" is funny without being ridiculous, romantic without being schmaltzy, realistic enough any reader can relate to it, and downright quirky, especially when the personification of Lucy’s life is a man, a scruffy and irritating excuse for humanity.

Lucy has enough in her life to make readers feel pretty good about their own.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone who likes a good story full of great characters and a few laughs. Ahern writes about choices and how those choices can define who we are, or who we make ourselves out to be.

Ahern is the daughter of Ireland’s former prime minister, and lives in Dublin.


I struggled through this book from the beginning. It's not your usual fun chick-lit, which I'm disappointed about. I want a chick-lit that makes me laugh, giggle, swoon, and giggle some more. With such a chick-lit-y cover in swirly gold writing, what's to say it doesn't contain excitement and fun?

But alas! I should have remembered the adage "Do not judge a book by its cover." I really shouldn't have. Despite its colourful front cover full of promises, this book makes me wonder when it will end because it's just so boring.

It's about a girl, Lucy, who is very messed up and in a deep rut in her life due to several little-turned-big lies she told starting 2 years 11 months and so-many days ago. Now, I can see how that can happen, and the whole book reads like self-help for Lucy, courtesy of her Life (yes, capital L), in the form of Cosmo (who I imagine looks like a door-to-door salesman).

Unfortunately this is a long, dreary path to plough through and nothing exciting really happens. It is an original plot, if nothing else, and Life being a solid person who can kick you in the ass (metaphorically) is an interesting spin on things. If this is your thing, you might like it. But... it's not my cup of tea. And I don't like Lucy, I really wanted to give her a huge slap through most of the book. I bet her Life wanted to give her a huge slap too.

The ending saved it a little, I did warm up a little bit to a Lucy who has finally, FINALLY decided to grow up, but too little too late. Dragging myself though boring 98% of the book just for the last semi-decent 2% doesn't do it for me.


Wow, it saddens me to rate a book written by Cecelia Ahern so low, but it just wasn't that great :(

I used to be such a huge fan of hers, recommending her writing to many friends. I absolutely loved "PS, I Love You", and thought that "Love, Rosie" (aka, "Rosie Dunne" / "Where Rainbows End") was also really good. But her books have steadily gone downhill from there, and I think the common denominator is that only her first two books were sincere, realistic, and heartfelt. The rest of the books all seem to have some sort of 'magical' element to them -- first we had imaginary friends ("If You Could See Me Now"), then imaginary worlds ("A Place Called Here" / "There's No Place Like Here"), then we had imagined memories through a blood-transfusion ("Thanks for the Memories"), then a magical book that writes the future ("The Book of Tomorrow"), a Scrooged/Christmas-Carol-like encounter ("The Gift") and now finally, someone's life, personified, in this book. It's all just a bit weird. For me, it takes away some of the credibility when ther's too much 'magical', when the story focuses more on the fantastical element than the real interactions with real people in real situations. The sincerity of the story diminishes a bit.

I didn't like Lucy one bit, nor did I like her family or her friends. I know that was the point, to not like Lucy and want her to improve, but the story just wasn't that compelling. The whole idea of your life being someone you could sit there and talk to and get help from was interesting, but not carried out well. Didn't anyone else in the story think it was strange that her life was sitting there at the table having a conversation with everyone? And if it was so common that it didn't make anyone go "Hmmm???", why hadn't more people experienced this before with their own life? It just didn't work well for me.

Sadly, I won't be recommending this to anyone, and I'm actually pretty upset that I paid full price for this as a new release in Europe, and lugged it all the way back home to the US (it's huge).


I don't really think Ahern's books are my style, they're too... glittery. some parts are quite depressing, not the 'agreeable' kind of depressing you get (ok, not 'agreeable' technically so, but there are books like 'Sister of my heart' 'Thousand Splendid Suns' that are sad/ depressing yet good. Ahern-type depressing is a person who has most things people would be thankful for, yet who also creates drama out of situations they are in and whines about everything from the weather to their granola-bars and how they cant climb out of bed because they're sad.
the morale or whatever is good and uplifting and there's a lesson in the end and all of that,about how you shouldnt ignore your life, but the story kinda drags on, and well, i just didnt like it much regardless of the raving reviews.
I regret buying 'If You Could See Me Now', which I'm yet to read though.

**update: "If You Could See Me Now" was wonderfulllll :)


And the award for the most annoying and frustrating character I've read about this year so far goes to ... Lucy Silchester, the main character in this novel. I just absolutely couldn't stand her. The Time of My Life is basically just a book about Lucy lying to everyone in her life and completely ruining her life by continuously lying about everything even when people find out she's lied and confront her with it. Furthermore, the fact that her life - in human form - begins following her everywhere at some point and exposes her whenever she tells another lie was extremely weird and didn't make this book any better. It made me cringe so much and often made me just want to throw the novel at a wall. Due to this, I decided to switch to the audiobook after the first quarter of The Time of My Life which definitely made it a lot easier to finish the book.

So overall, I unfortunately just didn't enjoy The Time of My Life. The last couple of chapters were actually a lot better than the rest of the novel but that couldn't really save it anymore in my opinion. This is now the second book I've read by Cecelia Ahern - the first one was a one-star read for me - and I think it's also been the last one. I just don't think her stories are for me and I would rather spend my time reading other authors' works.

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Ririn Aziz

Nobody has to be lonely. Everybody deserves to be happy. My thought while reading this book.

Lucy Silchester thought that her life is fine. She felt content. Until her life started to contact her.

Lucy has become an antisocial, secretive from her friends and family after being dumped by her boyfriend almost three years ago. Her life is a mess and the lies that she told them to cover the truth has become a big pile of lies that she cannot tell the truth without revealing the whole thing. Ironically, after all that, she finally able to tell her true feelings to a wrong number, a man whom she didn't know personally, a stranger.

Since everything she does reflected to her other half, her life is miserable as Lucy didn't care much about her own life. So he set up a meeting with Lucy in order to rectify the mess. At first, Lucy denied everything but slowly she saw the errors of her way and started to see the right path with her life by her side.

The thing about Cecelia Ahern writing is, for me, is that you can relate to the main character's feeling. It's like reading part of your life through the fiction. The feelings, the loneliness, even the denials . You can feel that somehow 'she' was you. And their journey will become your journey too.

P/S - I love this book but somehow towards the end I felt like it was similar to If You Could See Me Now.


Yet another book I loved by Cecelia Ahern, who is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. I love her quirky ideas for stories and the interesting characters she brings to life. The way she personified LIFE in this novel was wonderful. Lucy was a funny character too, with all her "Okay, I lied" statements. Although this book was emotionally sad in places, overall this novel had me laughing more than any other book I've read.

Susan Buchanan

I have liked all of Cecelia Ahern's books that I have read and have a few more still on my shelves to read. I love how Life was a person and how what Lucy does in her life, affects Life's life. Often they seemed like an old, married couple. I think we are all guilty of neglecting our lives now and then and the prospect of a physical person being there to steer us back on course was very welcome. This book is really funny, but also has a message for us. A warm, easy read and one to lose yourself in. If you don't smile and laugh during this book, there is something wrong with you.