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Published on Jun 18,2021 02:34 AM

What is true love?  People often ask each other what love is, but it makes people crazy about it? However, this question is still not really correct, a love that can cause people to let go of reason to sacrifice everything because it is not just love but must be called true love. So what is true love? How to know one's true love for someone?

Love comes from your feelings for someone, love comes from feelings. The emotion comes in a sudden, even if you cannot master it. If love comes on formal bases such as looks, sweet words, or actions that catch your attention, then it probably isn't love. While in love, couples often ask each other "why do you love me / me?", This is really a difficult question for the other to find answers because when in love there is only one reason: emotion come love 

True love often occurs when we have passed through adolescence. Love in adulthood is not the physiological requirements itself, but the harmonious unity of sensual passion (sexual) with the need to communicate, harmony with the one you love. A beautiful love will motivate people to improve themselves, reach out to what they themselves consider to be beautiful and always expect their lover to be the same. A sweet love is based on caring, caring for, supporting and sacrificing for each other. It is what people call altruistic, forgiving love, despite its lack of romance, even bitterness, but then we will feel a sweet aftertaste at the end. Sweet love has the ability to magically transform people, it can bring people all the nobility, make bad people better, the impossible turns into possible. That is the great thing about love. When in love, the other person can forget about himself, live the life of the one he loves, have deep, complete sympathy, take care of each other sincerely, do everything to bring happiness to their loved one.

You can fall in love with someone for simple reasons. And sometimes in love, it is thanks to simple things that bring the most sincere and beautiful feelings.

He never wants to hurt you. But emotions are hard to say, feelings inside each person are even more complex. If he accidentally hurts you, he just keeps quiet for a long time, sighs and says sorry for making you sad. The right and wrong things, more than really, getting angry after someone apologizes first, suddenly became meaningless.

When you love someone, the world in your eyes becomes so beautiful and simple. No one demands or calculates with anyone anything, we just love and dream. Although life still has many swords, just sweet love for each other sincerely is okay. We just need to be together, cherish and love each other for the longest time we can both try, is okay.

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1. “Did you see that dress?” I saw the dress. "Did you like it?” He didn't answer. I took that as a yes. "Am I going to endanger my reputation if I wear it to the dance?” When he spoke, I could barely hear him. "You'll endanger the school.” I smiled and fell asleep.” - Richelle Mead

2. “I've always found that the most beautiful people, truly beautiful inside and out, are the ones who are quietly unaware of their effect."  His eyes searched mine intently, and for a moment we stood there toe to toe. "The ones who throw their beauty around, waste what they have? Their beauty is only passing. It's just a shell hiding nothing but shadows and emptiness.” - Jennifer L. Armentrout

3. “You…you got rid of that dress fast,"  I pointed out between heavy breaths. "I thought you liked it."  "I do like it,"  he said. His breathing was as heavy as mine. "I love it."  And then he took me to the bed.” - Richelle Mead

4. “If you run from me, I will chase you, and I'll find you....” - Jeaniene Frost

5. “If I let myself love you, I won't throw myself in front of her. I'll throw myself in front of you.” - Richelle Mead

6. “Are you following me?"  she asks, but doesn't meet my gaze. Yeah, I say. Why? I give her the only honest and true answer I have. You're where I want to be.” - Simone Elkeles

7. “Look at the time."  I tipped my chin toward the clock. "It's past midnight. It's January second. You lost." For several moments he stared at the clock like it was an Arum he was about to blast into the next county and then his eyes found mine. Daemon smiled. " No. I didn't lose. I still won.” - Jennifer L. Armentrout

8. “She stood in his kitchen, watching him toy with the ring in his lip. It wasn't quite that he was biting it, but sucking it into his mouth. He did that when he was concentrating. It isn't sexy. He's not sexy. But he was, and she was staring at him like a fool. "wow"  she whispered (.....) Wow, huh? His voice was low, husky. His chair creaked as he stood. His footsteps seemed strangely loud as he closed the couple yards between them. Then he was beside her. I can work with wow” - Melissa Marr

9. “They are orphans again, with no true home but each other and whatever life they can make together on the other side of the sea.” - Leigh Bardugo

10. “Okay, this was kissing. Serious kissing. Not just a kiss before moving out, not a good-bye, this was Hello, sexy, and wow, she’d never even suspected that it could feel this way.” - Rachel Caine

11. “Claire. Wake up.” She blinked and realized that her head was on Shane’s shoulder, and Michael was nowhere to be seen. Her first thought was, Oh my God, am I drooling? Her second was that she hadn’t realized she was so close to him, snuggled in. Her third was that although Michael’s part of the couch was empty, Shane hadn’t moved away. And he was watching her with warm, friendly eyes. Oh. Oh, wow, that was nice.” - Rachel Caine

12. “Every time you strip my sword, I owe you a kiss. How's that sound?"  I bit my lip to keep from giggling. That sounds really dirty. Patch waggled his brows. Look whose mind just rolled into the gutter.” - Becca Fitzpatrick

13. “Ready?" Despite the grim mood, I smiled and cracked my knuckles. "Ready to wrestle with my gorgeous boyfriend? Oh, I'd say I'm ready for that." Amusement softened his eyes. "I'll try to control where I put my hands, but in the heat of things, who knows what could happen?"  I added. Patch grinned. Sounds promising.” - Becca Fitzpatrick

14. “I’ve never been the one. Not for anybody.”He closed the distance between them. “You’ll get used to it.” He tipped her face up to his, kissed her. “Why? Why am I the one?”“Because my life opened up, and it flooded with color when you walked back into it.” - Nora Roberts

15. “If a man whistles at you, don't turn around. You are a lady not a dog.” - Niall Horan

16. “Are you asking me to undress, Tris?'A nervous laugh gurgles from my throat. Only ... partially” - Veronica Roth

17. “They'll say you are bador perhaps you are mador at least you should stay undercover.Your mind must be bare if you would dare to think you can love more than one lover.” - David Rovics

18. “Honey, no offense, but sometimes I think I could shoot you and watch you kick.” - Raymond Carver

19. “His blue-black hair fell over his face when he moved, like tiny arrows pointing to pronounced cheekbones. Starting to think you were going to bail on me. "Didn't know you were expecting me," she said in what she hoped was a casual voice. He gets sexier every day. Not Expecting, but hoping. Always hoping” - Melissa Marr

20. “I am asking you to marry me because I love you,” he said, “because I cannot imagine living my life without you. I want to see your face in the morning, and then at night, and a hundred times in between. I want to grow old with you, I want to laugh with you, and I want to sigh to my friends about how managing you are, all the while secretly knowing I am the luckiest man in town.” “What?” she demanded.He shrugged. “A man’s got to keep up appearances. I’ll be universally detested if everyone realizes how perfect you are.” - Julia Quinn

21. “It's amazing, he whispered, to know that my purpose in life is sitting in front of me.” - Aurora Rose Reynolds

22. “I promise you that this isn't going to be our future, Kitten. I will give that to you—a normal life. Her eyes glistened. I don’t expect a normal life. I just expect a life with you” - Jennifer L. Armentrout

23. “When a woman submits to a man, it's the most precious gift she can give. Herself. Unreservedly. The man has to respect and honor that gift above all else. Even if he respects nothing else in the world, he must respect the woman in his care. It's his sworn duty to protect, honor and cherish his submissive. To take care of her and provide a safe haven. Someone who would put his own needs above his woman's is no man.” - Maya Banks

24. “All I think of ever is that I love you.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

25. “Who knew that the path to a womans heart was through the soul of an honest man?” - Melissa de la Cruz

26. “Not sure how I felt about Antonio and Echo, I linked my fingers with hers. Antonio cocked a surprised eyebrow. Damn straight, bro. I just marked my territory.” - Katie McGarry

27. “You don't even like me, remember?" That's what I try to say. What actually comes out of my mouth is closer to a baby's first attempt at babbling. Shh.  He runs his fingertips along my cheek, caressing my face. "Hush. I'm right here." He looks at me with deep anguish in his eyes. Like there's so much he wants to tell me but feel it's too late now. I want to stroke his face and tell him that it will be okay. That everything will be all right. And I wish so badly that it would be.” - Susan Ee

28. “Well, hell yeah! I’m gonna kick your ass, too! I narrowed my eyes at him. “Not this time you’re not. I have a new superpower.” He laughed. “And what’s that? Harsh language?” I leaned over to kiss his neck once, and then ran my tongue up to his ear, kissing his earlobe. He froze in place. “Distraction,” I breathed into his ear. He grabbed my arms and flipped me onto my back. “You’re going to miss another class.” - Jamie McGuire

29. “Please, Noah, I don't want to do this wrong. Tell me how to make you feel good. He shifted so that his body rested beside mine, his leg and arm still draped over me. I felt small under his warmth and strength. His chocolate-brown eyes softened. Being with you feels good. Touching you he tucked a curl behind my ear. - feels good. I have never wanted anyone like I want you. There's nothing you can do wrong when just breathing makes everything right.” - Katie McGarry

30. “If my heart grows any fonder, it's going to hop out of my chest and into yours.” - Olivia Cunning

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Of the two people who love each other, those who give more but "take less" are the ones who love the most, as well as those who only take but do not consider the one who does not love at all.

The second factor is sweet. Sweet is to confess love by indulging, loving, and pleasing gestures. Men and women alike crave sweet and take it as concrete proof of love. Especially the woman, they cannot conceive of an empty love without sweet. For them, sweet means love.

The woman is often very touched easily by all gestures of love and affection. A compliment, a gift, a welcome, a pampering, a courtesy, a visit or a procession ... make them already loved. Without anyone noticing, they feel something cold, lonely, fearful. They are very proud to have many people who are interested and show affection. Therefore, meeting someone who sticks, chases and shows love and affection, they are ready to love immediately. That is the greatest danger of a girl's life.

Only true love, then the affection caused by love is the real expression of sincerity. It is essential that a woman and a girl must pay close attention before falling in love.