Quotes Show You The Oblivion

Published on Jul 08,2021 05:30 AM

Life is always messy with hundreds of jobs to complete. Many times we are too busy working and forget about the values of life. This article will list the oblivion that you need to pay attention.

The oblivion of life that you sometimes ignore

We often have great challenges in life that sometimes forget the small truths that not everyone can openly admit. Here is a list of some of the tough facts that we need to learn to accept in order to make our life happier and easier.

Everyone can not live forever

It sounds tragic, but it's true. You cannot deny that everyone around you, and even yourself, can end life at any time. Many people often look down on the feelings of those who love them, taking it for granted that it does not matter, so that when they realize they have to leave, they are no longer with us, then live in torment and regret.

Parents, grandparents, or friends, we all don't know how long they can be with us. How long has it been since you called your parents? If not, don't hesitate to call them right away. Take care of them while you can, because you know nothing lasts forever. The relationships around are the good things that we have, so please cherish when there is a chance.

Meaningful life is not chosen by yourself

Buddhists believe that we create our own world through ordinary thoughts and actions. If you want to live a meaningful life, it is your own choice.

We don't have to do big things like fight for peace or end world hunger for a meaningful life; but a meaningful life as simple as a woman at the grocery store but still feeling satisfied as the CEO of a large company.

You see, often, we focus on the things that we don't yet have, and forget that being satisfied with life is also the way we make life more meaningful.

There is no love story in real life

Have you ever thought of the phrase "ideal lover" or "perfect lover"? A person who is like in love who writes, appears and loves you like in a movie. In fact, no one in this world is perfect, simply because the two words "perfect," or "ideal" are just a relative concept.

So do not expect the "ideal lover" to exist, because when your partner is not what you want it to be, it will greatly affect your relationship. Think of your relationship as a masterpiece of art and the two of you as artists.

Happy or not it's like how the two of you draw that picture together. And of course, if it doesn't work as you wanted it to, it's your fault. So, don't expect and hope for others, love is the trying to accept imperfections to be perfect.

Life is just a game

So why must be afraid to stumble? Simple living is also just to learn and learn from experience, consider it as a game of "godfather", your job is just doing what you want, learning the rules and then gradually leveling up, that's all.

We will never succeed, or embrace new things if we dread to stall while playing. Have you seen someone turn into a professional soccer player and never get on the pitch?

Every party is about to end

Nothing in this world is forever. My youth will also leave me and go when wrinkles appear; People who come to me, love me and leave me at any time; we may be alive today but then tomorrow we also have to die. The eternal rule is so, instead of being depressed, we should rejoice and thank ourselves for living the life of today.

If life goes on forever, there's nothing special about it. How can you understand appreciation without knowing the feeling of losing? Time and end make everything valuable, so live every second because life is so short.

Learn to love from the little things

Since we know everything is going to end, let's love everything we can in life. Everything around is so beautiful when we take a moment to feel it.

Try taking a different route to work or school, lying on the grass, watching the clouds. Let yourself be a little romantic and you will see the world as magical.

Realize the seemingly impossible

Almost all of us have a person who does nothing but complain about his life when it is not what they want it to be. Why not try to change your life instead of complaining? "That teacher was so fussy, her tests made no sense." "I can't learn how to do that" ...

The truth is that complaining rarely changes anything, even making them fall behind. We need to be more proactive and active in everything and believe we can find a way to deal with it.

37 Quotes Remind You Of The Oblivion

These quotes remind you of the oblivion. Hopefully you will realise the value of the true life:

Oblivion-quotes (2)

1. “I mean, they say you die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.” - Banksy

2. “[Horror fiction] shows us that the control we believe we have is purely illusory, and that every moment we teeter on chaos and oblivion.” - Clive Barker

3. “No matter how much time passes, no matter what takes place in the interim, there are some things we can never assign to oblivion, memories we can never rub away.” - Haruki Murakami

4. “Those who travel to mountain-tops are half in love with themselves, and half in love with oblivion.” - Robert Macfarlane

5. “Where I will find peace other than in oblivion?” - Sorin Cerin

6. “If the town were a black hole, I was the helpless star being sucked into oblivion. It was an oblivion I craved.” - J.D. Stroube

7. “The string slices into the skin of his fingers and no matter how tough the calluses, it tears. But this beat is fast and even though his joints are aching, his arm's out of control like it has a mind of its own and the sweat tat drenches his hair and face seems to smother him, but nothing's going to stop Tom. He;s aiming for oblivion.” - Melina Marchetta

8. “So if the inevitability of oblivion worries you, than I suggest you ignore it. God knows that's what the rest of the world does.” - John Green

9. “but as he plodded along a vague and almost hallucinatory pall hazed over his mind; he found himself at one point, with no notion of how it could be, a step from an almost certain fatal cliffside fall—falling humiliatingly and helplessly, he thought; on and on, with no one even to witness it. Here there existed no one to record his or anyone else's degradation, and any courage or pride which might manifest itself here at the end would go unmarked: the dead stones, the dust-stricken weeds dry and dying, perceived nothing, recollected nothing, about him or themselves.” - Philip K. Dick

10. “I'm always angry about the death of people who are still alive, their eyes are opened, yet they can't see anything...the spell of ignorance” - Michael Bassey Johnson

11. “Never let the meaning of your love light escape to the dark nothingness of oblivion.” - Sorin Cerin

12. “But here, just at this point: this is limbo. There is the sense that if you stay at this point for too long, stop at this point of oblivion for a certain amount of time, you will just cease to exist. And we cannot move.” - Irvine Welsh

13. “There is only as much space, only as much time, Only as much desire, only as many words, Only as many pages, only as much ink. To accept all of us at light-speed. Hurrying into the Promised Land. Of oblivion that is waiting for us sooner or later.” - Dejan Stojanovic

14. “Oblivion seemed the only reasonable option.” - Ian McEwan

15. “She smiles, and her eyes look as if they can see back into her memory, into all the things that have gone into making a person what they are.” - Lois Lowry

16. “And if the inevitability of human oblivion worries you, I encourage you to ignore it.” - John Green

17. “He was nothing but a conduit, after all, and there isn't a culvert in the world that remembers the water flowed through it once the rain has stopped.” - Stephen King

18. “...she imagines her body curled in the narrow monk's bed, knees to chin, her own irrefutable geography, but she sees the blood of her futile heart seeping out over her chest and arms and legs, flooding across the rough wooden floor, down the narrow wooden stairs and out into the old soil of the garden. No roses, no, she does not even ask to make roses, just dissolution; most any night she asks just for that.” - Michelle Latiolais

19. “There will come a time,' I said, 'when all of us are dead. All of us. There will come a time when there are no human beings remaining to remember that anyone ever existed or that our species ever did anything. [...]” - John Green

20. “Oblivion cures the old wounds.” - Dejan Stojanovic

21. “I also remember being struck by de Sade's will, in which he asked that his ashes be scattered to the four corners of the earth in the hope that humankind would forget both his writings and his name. I'd like to be able to make that demand; commemorative ceremonies are not only false but dangerous, as are all statues of famous men. Long live forgetfulness, I've always said—the only dignity I see is in oblivion.” - Luis Buñuel

22. “He hated himself," Gwen said. "You just got caught in the cross fire.” - Kelly Creagh

23. “What matters is at the end of life, when you're about to pass into oblivion, that you've at least scratched 'Kilroy was here,' on the last wall of the universe.” - William Faulkner

24. “Nowhere and oblivion were completely different things/places to Richard Stein. For him, oblivion is when something goes into nothing and nowhere is the place where something can come out of nothing.” - Carlton Mellick III

25. “Tears flow and smiles fade to the same rhythm of life, to disappear together in the bottomless abyss.” - Rémy de Gourmont

26. “The fear of meeting the opposition of envy, or the illiberality of ignorance is, no doubt, the frequent cause of preventing many ingenious men from ushering opinions into the world which deviate from common practice. Hence for want of energy, the young idea is shackled with timidity and a useful thought is buried in the impenetrable gloom of eternal oblivion.” - Robert Fulton

27. “You gave me a forever within the numbered days and I'm grateful.” - John Green

28. “All things fade into the storied past, and in a little while are shrouded in oblivion.” - Marcus Aurelius

29. “I love you." Isobel said. Because even if the words could not stop what was coming, they were still her first and sole defense. "I know," Varen surprised her by saying as he turned away. "That's why you're gone.” - Kelly Creagh

30. “Not anymore, though, he said. And I guess that's the one perk of loving a dead girl. She never changes.” - Kelly Creagh

31. “But coming out of that sleep was excruciating. My entire life flashed before my eyes in the worst way possible, my mind refilling itself with all my lame memories, every little thing that had brought me to where I was. I'd try to remember something else—a better version, a happy story, maybe, or just an equally lame but different life that would at least be refreshing in its digressions—but it never worked. I was always still me. Sometimes I woke up with my face wet with tears. The only times I cried, in fact, were when I was pulled out of that nothingness, when the alarm on my cell phone went off.” - Ottessa Moshfegh

32. “He looks at houses, chateaus, forests, and thinks about the countless generations who used to see those things and who are gone now; and he understands that everything he is seeing is oblivion; pure oblivion, the oblivion whose absolute state will soon be achieved, the moment he himself is gone. And again I think about the obvious idea (that astoundingly obvious idea) that everything that exists (nation, thought, music) can also not exist.” - Milan Kundera

33. “Local fog in Venice has a name: nebbia. It obliterates all reflections ... and everything that has a shape: buildings, people, colonnades, bridges, statues. Boat services are canceled, airplanes neither arrive, nor take off for weeks, stores are closed and mail ceases to litter one’s threshold. The effect is as though some raw hand had turned all those enfilades inside out and wrapped the lining around the city... the fog is thick, blinding, and immobile... this is a time for reading, for burning electricity all day long, for going easy on self-deprecating thoughts of coffee, for listening to the BBC World Service, for going to bed early. In short, a time for self-oblivion, induced by a city that has ceased to be seen. Unwittingly, you take your cue from it, especially if, like it, you’ve got company. Having failed to be born here, you at least can take some pride in sharing its invisibility...” - Joseph Brodsky

34. “Oblivion, she thought. That was the world she lived in. It was what they should name some countries, towns, and places.” - Linda Hogan

35. “I looked over at Augustus Waters, who looked back at me. You could almost see through his eyes they were so blue. "There will come a time," I said, "when all of us are dead. All of us. There will come a time when there are no human beings remaining to remember that anyone ever existed for that our species ever did anything. There will be no one left to remember Aristotle or Cleopatra, let alone you.” - John Green

36. “I could feel the certainty of a reality leeching out of me like calcium from a bone. I was starving my mind into obliqueness. I felt less and less. Words came and I spoke them in my head, then nestled in on the sound of them, got lost in the music.” - Ottessa Moshfegh

37. “Sleep is my lover now, my forgetting, my opiate, my oblivion.” - Audrey Niffenegger