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Published on Jun 21,2021 09:37 AM

In the Emperor's tarot card, a stoic ruler can be seen on his throne, decorated with heads of four ram, representing his astrological mark - Aries. On one hand, he carries a scepter, representing his dynasty and rulership, and on the other a sphere, a symbol of the kingdom he oversees. The emperor's long beard represents his vast experience; Over time, he learned a lot about what it takes to rule, to establish power, authority and fulfill order for the benefit of his people.

Behind him, barren mountains show his determination, ambitions for greater heights, and his ability to lead. Contrast this with her addition, the Empress, whose fields are overflowing with nurturing kindness. The Emperor instead ruled with grit, strength and force.

It's all about control when it comes to the Emperor, as this tag means authority, regulation, organization, and friendliness. The emperor represents a strategic thinker who sets out plans that he must go through. He is a symbol of the principle of masculinity - a patriarchal figure in life that gives structure, creates rules and systems, and imparts knowledge. Where the Queen's desire for their kingdom was to create happiness, the emperor wished to foster honor and discipline. He instructed with one steady hand, following the call of the crown above all else. Although the king was a ruler, he understood that ruling was also for service - so he acted rationally and in what was for the greater good of the kingdom.

He is a symbol of the principle of masculinity - a patriarchal figure in life that gives structure, creates rules and systems, and imparts knowledge.

Living in a period of turmoil, witnessing the war of looting, Kings embraced his political ambition to build a peaceful and prosperous country. For Kings, the concept of people is presented according to separate criteria. If according to moral standards, a person is divided into a gentleman and a gentleman, or if according to the political position, a person is divided into a ruler and a ruler. Thus, we can see that, there is a unified view of civilization as the concept indicating the slave class, and the term user refers to the master class, the ruling class. People are manual workers, dispatched people, laborers, not people with administrative power. With the above understanding, civilization is the people with the lowest position in society, depending on people. The gentleman has high status, the young man does not liberate himself.

The survival of a King depends on whether the people believe, obey the government or not. If the people believe, the people follow, the people support it, the court will stand firm. If the people do not believe, do not follow, leave or rebel, the court will be ruined. Heaven and earth benefits are not equal to human peace. There is enough food, enough force, not equal to the trust of the people.

The rulers who have the trust of the people will have the power to overwhelm all obstacles. Development of the national economy, never separated from the construction and consolidation of the political regime, and must come from the people, from the well-being of the people.

If the king could not manage and control his people, he could not govern his country like that.

The most valuable capital of our country is the people. However, that is not enough. People here must be capable, mindful, try and look at their own failures to develop better, not delay and push. If the country exists with poor people combined with impolite attitudes, it is all the fault of the head and the gods. Because retraining is a process. But once we act, we must dare to face and take responsibility for those actions, solving the consequences that it brings.

Most people think that being born into a royal family will be very happy. Not only daily immersed in silk brocade, luxury and wealth, there are always servants, extremely happy. But in reality, the lives of members of the royal family are not as comfortable and happy as we think. It can be seen that the Emperor Emperor, although enjoying the rich and precious flowers, the benefits are incomparable, but also has to withstand the fatigue and misery that ordinary people cannot bear.

It can be seen that the Emperor Emperor, although enjoying the rich and precious flowers, the benefits are incomparable, but also has to withstand the fatigue and misery that ordinary people cannot bear.

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1. “Kings are the slaves of history.” - Leo Tolstoy

2. “I know I have but the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too.” - Queen Elizabeth I

3. “Those candle flames were like the lives of men. So fragile. So deadly. Left alone, they lit and warmed. Let run rampant, they would destroy the very things they were meant to illuminate. Embryonic bonfires, each bearing a seed of destruction so potent it could tumble cities and dash kings to their knees.” - Brandon Sanderson

4. “And so sepúlchred in such pomp dost lie,That kings for such a tomb would wish to die.” - John Milton

5. “Most of the mess that is called history comes about because kings and presidents cannot be satisfied with a nice chicken and a good loaf of bread.” - Jennifer Donnelly

6. “I am very comfortable with conflict, be it of the legal or mortal kind. My father was a mediator, a bridge maker. I am a grave maker.” - JR Ward

7. “To gain everything and lose everything in the space of a moment. That is the fate of all princes destined for the throne.” - CS Pacat

8. “Little by little, the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him.” - Jennifer Donnelly

9. “In the games of queens and kings, we leave our dreams at the door and we make do with what we have. Sometimes if we’re fortunate, we still manage to have a good life.” - Melina Marchetta

10. “My Crown is in my heart, not on my head:Not deck'd with Diamonds, and Indian stones:Nor to be seen: my Crown is call'd Content,A Crown it is, that seldom Kings enjoy.” - William Shakespeare

11. “There is a darkness in you. In all of us, probably. Beasts we keep chained. Ordinary men have to keep the chains strong, for if we let the beast loose then society will turn upon us with fiery vengeance. Kings though...well, who is there to turn upon them? So the chains are made of straw. It is the curse of kings, Helikaon, that they can become monsters. And they invariably do.” - David Gemmell

12. “He didn't know why, but seeing her made him feel like a man. She was something out of a dream - a dream in which he was not a spoiled young prince, but a king.” - Sarah J. Maas

13. “Too many kings can ruin an army” - Homer

14. “History books say that kings and dukes and generals start wars. Don't believe it. We start them, you and I. Every time we turn away, keep quiet, stay out of it, behave ourselves.” - Jennifer Donnelly

15. “Several of them were discussing this in low tones as they waited for Halt to arrive - until they realized that he was already among them. They weren't used to this. Kings were supposed to sweep into a room majestically - not suddenly appear without anyone seeing their arrival.” - John Flanagan

16. “For surely a king is first a man. And so it must follow that a king does as all men do: the best he can.” - Cameron Dokey

17. “I once knew a man who was heir to the throne of a great kingdom, he lived as a ranger and fought his destiny to sit on a throne but in his blood he was a king. I also knew a man who was the king of a small kingdom, it was very small and his throne very humble but he and his people were all brave and worthy conquerors. And I knew a man who sat on a magnificent throne of a big and majestic kingdom, but he was not a king at all, he was only a cowardly steward. If you are the king of a great kingdom, you will always be the only king though you live in the bushes. If you are the king of a small kingdom, you can lead your people in worth and honor and together conquer anything. And if you are not a king, though you sit on the king’s throne and drape yourself in many fine robes of silk and velvet, you are still not the king and you will never be one.” - C. JoyBell C.

18. “Kings need not raise their voices to be heard.” - VE Schwab

19. “This light of history is pitiless; it has a strange and divine quality that, luminous as it is, and precisely because it is luminous, often casts a shadow just where we saw a radiance; out of the same man it makes two different phantoms, and the one attacks and punishes the other, the darkness of the despot struggles with the splendor of the captain. Hence a truer measure in the final judgment of the nations. Babylon violated diminishes Alexander; Rome enslaved diminishes Caesar; massacred Jerusalem diminishes Titus. Tyranny follows the tyrant. Woe to the man who leaves behind a shadow that bears his form.” - Victor Hugo

20. “But what are kings, when regiment is gone,But perfect shadows in a sunshine day?- Edward II, 5.1” - Christopher Marlowe

21. “Everybody must be managed. Queens must be managed. Kings must be managed, for men want managing almost as much as women, and that's saying a good deal.” - Thomas Hardy

22. “One true king knew when to step aside and give up the reins of power—to remove his crown and relinquish his kingdom—all for the sake of glimpsing, just once in a lifetime, the face of a holy child.He was the Fourth to follow the Star.His gift was a secret.The rest of his journey is unknown.” - Vera Nazarian

23. “In all ages hypocrites, called priests, have put crowns on the heads of thieves, called kings.” - Robert G. Ingersoll

24. “Those dear to me took fright for my safety and, perhaps, my sanity. Kings, they explained, do not walk like beggars for hundreds of miles. My response was that if a beggar could managed the feat, then why not a king? Did they think me less capable than a beggar?Sometimes I think that I am. The beggar knows much that the king can only guess. And yet who draws up the codes for begging ordinances? Often I wonder what my experience in life--my easy life following the Desolation, and my current level of comfort--has given me of any true experience to use in making laws. If we had to rely on what we knew, kings would only be of use in creating laws regarding the proper heating of tea and the cushioning of thrones.” - Brandon Sanderson

25. “If you could disagree with kings, were gods so far above?” - Elizabeth Bear

26. “This is what you get when you found a political system on the family values of Henry VIII. At a point in the not-too-remote future, the stout heart of Queen Elizabeth II will cease to beat. At that precise moment, her firstborn son will become head of state, head of the armed forces, and head of the Church of England. In strict constitutional terms, this ought not to matter much. The English monarchy, as has been said, reigns but does not rule. From the aesthetic point of view it will matter a bit, because the prospect of a morose bat-eared and chinless man, prematurely aged, and with the most abysmal taste in royal consorts, is a distinctly lowering one.” - Christopher Hitchens

27. “The King did what all wise husbands do. He did as he was told.” - Toby Forward

28. “When kings the sword of justice first lay down,They are no kings, though they possess the crown.Titles are shadows, crowns are empty things,The good of subjects is the end of kings.” - Daniel Defoe

29. “Every king springs from a race of slaves, and every slave had kings among his ancestors.” - Plato

30. “In the darkest region of the political field the condemned man represents the symmetrical, inverted figure of the king.” - Michel Foucault

31. “We live in a world where good kings die and those foolish enough to hope for something better are killed where they stand.” - Claire Legrand

32. “Because a man plays a king superbly well does not mean that he would make a good king.” - Louis L'Amour

33. “Never go on a date unarmed.” Words of wisdom from my father. Well, my foster father. I was an orphan, of course. The best kings always are.” - Brandon Sanderson

34. “Staying for your children is noble. However, staying with someone that teaches your children that " selective"  evilness is okay is mental illness.” - Shannon L. Alder

35. “Real kings and queens are people whose heads are crowned with dreams as they sit on the throne of passion. They rule with visions in the regalia of inspirations!” - Israelmore Ayivor

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King is the supreme, actual or symbolic head of government; directly or indirectly has honor, the right to rule, to rule in a country. Both the monarch and the emperor are the head of the monarchy. In the European context, emperor and empress are considered the highest monarchic titles.Outside the European context, emperors are the names given to title holders who are given the same privileges as European emperors on diplomacy. Again and again, these rulers were able to recognize equivalent titles in their native language with their European colleagues. Through centuries of international conference, this has become the governing rule for defining an emperor in the modern era.