Top 30 Quotes About Blushing

Published on Jun 22,2021 03:17 AM

What is blushing?

Blushing is a self-conscious emotion determined by a disconnect between how we should react or act in public and how we should react or act. We can most likely be ashamed when we believe we have not lived up to what society asks of us or when we are receiving unwanted attention. For example, the context also matters, you won't be ashamed if you walk in your own house and take it out and that's another story.

When you are in a tense emotional state, such as the shame of hitting someone's cup of coffee, or the thrill of meeting the eyes of a very attractive person, your body releases adrenaline. This causes blood vessels to dilate so that blood and oxygen can move faster through the body. The veins in your face also dilate, allowing more blood to flow through and thus your face will become red.

And not only does your cheeks blush, the "red areas" can also include ears, neck and chest, and each person also blushes in different ways. Some people blush very quickly, some slowly spread to other parts of the body. Some people blush more easily than others, and sometimes others suffer from the fear of erythrophobia.

Blushing is actually a common human response to social attention. Blushing often occurs when meeting someone important, receiving a compliment, or experiencing special emotions in a social situation. Everyone is like that, although some people blush more often than others. Men do not often blush as much as women.

The belief that a person is blushing brings negative beliefs about another's judgment, and may even raise a blush response.

Researchers have also found that our fear of blushing in front of others, or their acknowledgment of their blushing, can cause us to change our behavior in a way that leads to poor judgment from others. It's not a blush that causes people to judge us negatively, but how we modify our reactions. It ends up being a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

One study that looked at the starting effect of blushing and what they discovered surprised me. When individuals are singing in front of a group of people (an embarrassing task), their faces will turn red wherever the majority of people are directing their gazes. By examining where blood flow is led, the researchers determined that simply staring can cause an ipsilals (meaning it affects the same side of the body) increasing blood flow to the face. What are the results of all of this? If you're doing something embarrassing and people are staring at you, you might blush. That's why I personally always sit in front of class, I never know who's staring at me or not.

That is to say: everyone blushes once in a lifetime. But, it is true that some people, because of the color of their skin, do not notice too much that it has become "red". But not being seen doesn't mean it doesn't exist: the feeling is there.

The physiological cause of redness is what we have mentioned: our nervous system responds to an external stimulus that causes it to trigger blood production. This causes the capillaries to dilate and thus, blurring the face. This reaction that takes place in the nervous system is called "autonomous", that is, exists independently and we cannot control. 

This article below show 30 quotes about blushing

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1. “Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.” - Mark Twain

2. “They were within twenty yards of each other, and so abrupt was his appearance, that it was impossible to avoid his sight. Their eyes instantly met, and the cheeks of each were overspread with the deepest blush. He absolutely started, and for a moment seemed immoveable from surprise; but shortly recovering himself, advanced towards the party, and spoke to Elizabeth, if not in terms of perfect composure, at least of perfect civility.” - Jane Austen

3. “Ô, Wanderess, WanderessWhen did you feel your most euphoric kiss? Was I the source of your greatest bliss?” - Roman Payne

4. “Yawns are not the only infectious things out there besides germs.Giggles can spread from person to person.So can blushing.But maybe the most powerful infectious thing is the act of speaking the truth.” - Vera Nazarian

5. “Who told you you couldn't come back when you're grown? Was it the same person who told you grown-ups don't cry or blush or clap their hands when they're happy? Don't try to say otherwise, I've seen you fighting like a boxer to change your face so that it never shows anything. Whoever told you that's what growing up means is a villain, as true as a mustache. I am growing up, too, and look at me! I cry and I blush and I live in Fairyland always!” - Catherynne M. Valente

6. “Our lips were for each other and our eyes were full of dreams. We knew nothing of travel and we knew nothing of loss. Ours was a world of eternal spring, until the summer came.” - Roman Payne

7. “I feel the color in my cheeks rising again. I must be the color of The Communist Manifesto.” - EL James

8. “your gaze across my cheeks turned them into strawberry fields.” - Sanober Khan

9. “Had she been at all used to blushing, she would have blushed, but she wasn't, so she didn't.” - Kerry Greenwood

10. “These guys may not talk too much about relationships, but they sure do blush at telling moments, don’t they? Maybe that’s the key to understanding the opposite sex; I could invent a science, call it blushology.” - Jody Gehrman

11. “Sometimes a woman has experienced too much life to have any blush left in her cheeks, but the man who puts it there is someone not easily forgotten.” - Dannika Dark

12. “We’ve taken everything from her, brother,” Maven murmurs, drawing close. “Surely we can give her this?” And then slowly, reluctantly, Cal nods and waves me into his room. Dizzy with excitement, I hurry inside, almost hopping from foot to foot.  I’m going home. Maven lingers at the door, his smile fading a little when I leave his side. “You’re not coming.” It isn’t a question. He shakes his head. “You’ll have enough to worry about without me tagging along.” I don’t have to be a genius to see the truth in his words. But just because he isn’t coming doesn’t mean I will forget what he’s done for me already. Without thinking, I throw my arms around Maven. He doesn’t respond for a second, but slowly lets an arm drop around my shoulders. When I pull back, a silver blush paints his cheeks. I can feel my own blood run hot beneath my skin, pounding in my ears.” - Victoria Aveyard

13. “Full many a flower is born to blush unseen and waste its sweetness on the desert air.” - Paul Hoffman

14. “Ô, Muse of the Heart’s Passion,let me relive my Love’s memory,to remember her body, so brave and so free,and the sound of my Dreameress singing to me,and the scent of my Dreameress sleeping by me,Ô, sing, sweet Muse, my soliloquy!” - Roman Payne

15. “He had been searching for it his entire life. He had devoted himself to poetry to find it. Now, in the middle of his life, he found it. It was in the face of the love of his life, his daughter. She who had never blushed before, now blushed. And in that blushing, he knew, was the existence of God. That was the day her father learned what God was. God was pure beauty, God was his daughter’s face when she blushed.” - Roman Payne

16. “If you'd blush saying something in person, don't write it.” - Jonathan Price

17. “The poet believed that 'Beauty' first entered the world not at its creation, nor with the first garden, the first sunrise, the birth of the first man and woman and their first sexual act. The poet believed that 'Beauty' entered the world the day the first child blushed.” - Roman Payne

18. “Instinctively I started to panic when Dr. Martinez strapped my arm down, and then the panic just melted away, la la la.Someone took my other hand. Fang. I felt his calluses, his bones, his strength.“I’m so glad you’re here,” I slurred, smiling dopily up at him. I took in his startled, worried expression but dismissed it. “I know everything’s fine if you’re here.”I thought I saw his cheeks flush, but I wasn’t too sure of anything anymore.” - James Patterson

19. “Well, let's argue this out, Mr Blank. You, who represent Society, have the right to pay me four hundred francs a month. That's my market value, for I am an inefficient member of Society, slow in the uptake, uncertain, slightly damaged in the fray, there's no denying it. So you have the right to pay me four hundred francs a month, to lodge me in a small, dark room, to clothe me shabbily, to harass me with worry and monotony and unsatisfied longings till you get me to the point when I blush at a look, cry at a word. We can't all be happy, we can't all be rich, we can't all be lucky - and it would be so much less fun if we were. Isn't it so, Mr Blank? There must be the dark background to show up the bright colours. Some must cry so that the others may be able to laugh the more heartily.” - Jean Rhys

20. “Speed of love is measured in blushes per hour.” - Vikrmn

21. “A simple " Hi"  has potential to make you blush, if received from your crush.” - Akansh Malik

22. “Her blush was the color of a coral reef, but smooth.” - Aimee Bender

23. “The leaves were starting to blush from green to orange and red and yellow.” - Chelsea M. Cameron

24. “Don't be superior. Everyone drinks blood. Blood is a word that means alive. You can do without almost anything: arms, legs, teeth, hope. But you can't do without blood. Lose even a little and you grow slow and stupid and not yourself at all. We are all of us beautiful and complicated vessels for carrying blood the way a bottle carries wine. I suppose you think there's no blood in your roast beef? Life eats life. Blood makes you move, makes you blush, makes the pulse pound in your brow when you see your love walking across a street toward you, makes your very thoughts fly through your brain. Blood is everything and everything is blood.” - Catherynne M. Valente

25. “She was his Eve. He was her fall. He'd make the leaves of her trees blush, then he'd undress them all.” - Curtis Tyrone Jones

26. “And I will remember how we made the sun blush every morning.” - Malak El Halabi

27. “George"  she practically squealed, and once again he shushed her." You never learn, do you?"  he murmured against her skin. " You're the one who's making me scream." " That wasn't a scream,"  he said with a cocktail smile.she eyed him with alarm. " I didn't mean it as a dare." He laughed aloud—although more quietly than she'd done—at that. " Merely planning for the future, when volume is not an issue." " George, there are servants!" " Who work for me." " George!" " When we are married,"  he said, lacing his fingers through hers, " we shall make as much or as little noise as we wish." Billie felt her face go crimson.he dropped a teasing kiss on her cheek. " Did I make you blush?" " You know you did,"  she grumbled.He looked down at her with a cocky smile. " I probably shouldn't take quite so much pride in that." " But you do." He brought her hand to his lips. " I do.” - Julia Quinn

28. “Put some make-up on! Blush with shame!” - Ljupka Cvetanova

29. “Jonah peels off his wet shirt and spreads it out on the ground in the sun. For a second, all Hallelujah can see is his bare skin. She blushes and looks away, not turning back until she hears the zip of his jacket closing. Now he’s looking at her. She doesn’t know if he caught her staring.” - Kathryn Holmes

30. “Rini moved in to kiss him, but on his cheek. She gave him two pecks on his right cheek and one more on his left, which caused him to blush. “Three kisses, huh?”She beamed at him and nodded when she explained, “Fo’ Faith, Hope, an’ Charity.” - Jason Medina

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Although we have shown that blushing NOT a disease, it is a fact that you should see a specialist in case the condition is affecting us directly. You should consult a therapist in case you experience any of the following:

  • It prevents you from living a normal life
  • The blush is creating an uncontrollable tension and anguish
  • You are locking yourself up for fear of blushing 

Blushing is not a disease, nor a bad thing, but sometimes it is also a beauty opportunity for people. However, this phenomenon sometimes interferes with normal communication, which will be detrimental to our work.

The only easy way to stop blushing is to take a deep breath and let the moment the blood and adrenaline rush to your face pass. Feeling too embarrassed about your shyness only makes things worse. And of course, the more you worry about blushing, the more likely it will happen.

However, it seems we should be proud of the blushing face. Because research has shown that people who blush easily are more generous, trustworthy, and virtuous people. Women tend to blush more, and scientists suspect that is their way to prove to men that they are virtuous.

Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to eradicate self-esteem and objectively self-esteem to promote their strengths. Thoroughly clear psychological anxiety about the body, must be confident, not think that you are not equal. Believe that it is completely possible to use our speech, speech, and personality to become a likable, successful person.