Quotes by xq

"All you ever do is leave And all I want to do is to tell you to stay. Please, stay."

"One day, I might perhaps become something so small and insignificant to you that you only think of me as often as you think of the little particles of dust that you can see floating around the window in the late afternoon sun. If I'm lucky enough, you'll think of me as often as never thinking of me again at all."

"Unexpectedly falling in love is the best way to fall, isn't it?"

"There are no words for some things. They just are whatever they are, and most of the time they go without saying. Often times we try to attach a word to something, a name, some sort of a definition. We sort of strip the essence of that thing in the process; we tie it down and restrict it from being something else because we have defined it as one particular thing. Sometimes, something is everything and nothing at the same time."

"I don't know if I love you too much or not enough I don't know if I love you the way the sky loves the stars or like moon loves the sun or the earth loves the sea or like bees love honey But I do know that I love you that much is for certain and it's the only thing I know"

  • xq

  • Description: This is a pseudonym of Naveed Khan