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"Never miss a minute to Sexercise your mind!"

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  • Description: Xia Devore is a “Generation X” freelance writer and poet, hailing from Louisiana. A true Southern Girl, whose poetry reflects the Cajun spices she endures by spawning romance and erotica in her lyrics. A professional by day and poet by night, she’s educated in the science of human and social behavior. Xia’s love for the desires of the mind, body, and soul along with her cunning method of expression, forced her hand to write. She’s a proud mother of one and a respected gardener of summer vegetables and herbs. She’s a bona fide believer in love, passion, and sexual freedom.

    Xia Devore released her first book, From Pink Bows to Red Stilettos on March 13, 2013. From Pink Bows to Red Stilettos earned Honorable Mention in the Poetry Section at the Paris Book Festival, New York Book Festival, San Francisco Book Festival, and several other book festivals. Xia is presently completing the manuscript to her second book of poetry, Cami and Friends: Erotic Tales, scheduled to be released in the spring of 2019.