Quotes by Xia Da

"Nothing in this world, is completely new. That's why we study history and compare today, with the past. In the end, every human being, has the same way of thinking."

"Women are small and fragile...yet the power they hold, is unmeasureable."

"My small friend, do you really understand? Or are you just looking for pity? Do you want me to say "It's not your fault, it was determined by fate"? Or do you want me to say, "You have done enough, rest, for now"?
My small friend. When the day comes, that you truly understand the meaning of the word "Path", is the day we shall talk about "Inactivity"."

"Boy or girl? I had never thought about that. The men who work at the palace, they use words to govern the country and use strength to protect it. Bringing all kinds of brilliant men from the kingdom, and they all have amazing talents.
But...how are they different from me?
The women inside the palace, they had white skin and beautiful hair. And their clothes were fashionable, their hearts were gentle and ever changing like the snow in the wind.
But...how am I anything like them?"

"Joy, anger, sadness, pleasure, love, evil, greed. Where is your heart at? This world is like a furnace you temper yourself, and your character. This is the same for everyone."

Books by Xia Da

  • Peony Pavillion
  • 16 ratings
  • July 1st 2008 by Hunan Children's Publishing House
  • Fragments
  • 5 ratings
  • May 22nd 2018 by China Friendship Publishing Company
Xia Da
  • Xia Da

  • Date of birth: April 14, 1981
  • Born: in Hunan, China.

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    夏達Ka TatsuXiada Name (in native language) : 夏达In 2008, she won the Gold Prize in the girls’ category of the fiction section, the Fifth OACC Golden Dragon Award Original Animation & Comic Competition, the biggest one in China of its kind.Her next work to be published is named The Silent Gozilla.Blood type : O