Quotes by Willa Okati

"You’ll only fall if you doubt your balance."

"There is too such a thing as sex on legs. What it looks like might depend on your definition, but hoo boy, does it exist. Everyone's got a type that makes them stop in a crowd, turn around for a better look, and stare until they realize they're embarrassing themselves. Either that, or the wet dream walking turns around to give you the eye or flip you the finger."

Books by Willa Okati

  • Fabulous Brits
  • 189 ratings
  • August 2008 by Totally Bound Publishing

    (first published 2008)

Willa Okati
  • Willa Okati

  • Description: A multi-published author of GLBT erotic, romantic fiction since 2004, I love trying new things -- I have 1001 crazy ideas and want to write them all! I exist primarily on caffeine and pixels, take “camera shy” to a whole new level, and persist in trying to learn the pennywhistle despite being woefully tone-deaf. During the summer, I’m a wild woman with henna.

    You can find me on the web here, at my Yahoo group, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/got_ink..., and on Twitter at http://twitter.com/willaokati.You can also contact me at willaokati @ gmail . com (without the spaces) anytime -- I’d love to hear from you!