Quotes by Wilfred Cantwell Smith

"Where only angels tread, he would be a fool to rush in; though perhaps the wise may preserve their dignity if, aware of their presumption, they enter cautiously."

Books by Wilfred Cantwell Smith

  • What Is Scripture?
  • 18 ratings
  • September 5th 2000 by Augsburg Fortress Publishing

    (first published September 1st 1993)

  • Wilfred Cantwell Smith
  • 9 ratings
  • November 26th 2001 by Oneworld Publications

    (first published January 1st 2001)

  • Modern Islam In India
  • 6 ratings
  • November 12th 2006 by Hesperides Press

    (first published January 1st 1969)

Wilfred Cantwell Smith
  • Wilfred Cantwell Smith

  • Date of birth: July 21, 1916
  • Died: February 07, 2000
  • Born: in Toronto, Canada.

  • Description: Wilfred Cantwell Smith (July 21, 1916 – February 7, 2000) was a Canadian professor of comparative religion who from 1964–1973 was director of Harvard's Center for the Study of World Religions. The Harvard Gazette characterized him as one of the field's most influential figures of the past century. In his 1962 work The Meaning and End of Religion he notably and controversially questioned the validity of the concept of religion.