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Widad Akreyi
  • Widad Akreyi

  • Description: A multiple award-winner and epidemiologist, Widad Akreyi writes what she's lived, documented or researched. All her manuscripts are donated to charity.

    Born in Kurdistan Region, Widad currently lives in the West. Over the years, she's been awarded the Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) Peace and Freedom Award for her lifelong commitment to peace, justice and dignity for all, the International Woman Harmony Award for devoting her life to defending human rights, the Davenport Mayor Medal for her lifetime contribution to building a universal culture of human rights, the International Pfeffer Peace Award for her worldwide efforts in support of peace and justice, and a Special Prize for bridging the gap between cultures.

    A former senior lobbyist at the UN and jury member of global and regional awards, Widad has published her memoir. "The Daughter of Kurdland" reflects her experiences, her story of struggle and resilience. Among her publications is "The Viking's Kurdish Love" series. The characters and locations in her books correspond to real persons and real places.

    Widad has donated her manuscripts to charity and receives no royalties for any books published. All proceeds from the sale of her books go to charitable causes.

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