Vytautas Mačernis Quotes

Vytautas Mačernis
  • Vytautas Mačernis

  • Date of birth: June 05, 1921
  • Died: October 07, 1944
  • Born: in Šarnelė, Lithuania.

  • Description: Vytautas Mačernis was a Lithuanian poet existentialist. Mačernis studied English language and literature in Kaunas and philosophy at the University of Vilnius. The poet had died on October 7, 1944 in Žemaičių Kalvarija hit by a stray bullet.
    Mačernis dedicated his short life for searching the purpose of human's life. The first poem of Vytautas was published in 1936, the last one – in October 1944. He had been writing sonnets, visions, triolets, songs and short aphoristic poems.
    Since he was a sensitive person, Mačernis was affected by such disasters as World War II, the Soviet and Nazi occupations. His poems became full of blackness, dark colours.