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Vivian Swift
  • Vivian Swift

  • Born: Missoula, Montana, The United States.

  • Description: www.vivianswiftblog.comAll my books go very well with a glass of wine, but my blog can be paired with a cup of tea as well as a flute of champagne. Join us every Friday for a watercolor lesson, some behind-the-scenes tales about the publishing business, maybe a voyage to someplace far away, and definitely some crankiness about the way of the world. I would make a great Boss of Everybody because I have the right job experience: I've been a Faberge expert for Christie's auction house in New York; a hotel maid in Reno (Nevada); the Bio-terrorism Administrator for the Tea Association of the USA; a book store clerk (in a mall!); a receptionist for a Manhattan hedge fund; a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa; a junior administrator at Cartier; an au pair in Paris; etc. I have never taken a writing class or a single painting lesson.Just goes to show you that if you speak fluent French and have an extremely very low tolerance for boredom, you are guaranteed a wonderfully meandering career path.