Quotes by Ulli Lust

"What kind of person am I?

Am I even actually a person?

I can never quite reach any kind of conclusion, sometimes I'm melancholic, sometimes I behave like a total fool, like a nut, and then suddenly I'm full of energy and threatening to explode. Just like now. My whole body is itching, it's awful."

Books by Ulli Lust

  • Voices in the Dark
  • 275 ratings
  • October 24th 2017 by New York Review Comics

    (first published April 15th 2013)

  • Airpussy
  • 35 ratings
  • May 2009 by L'employé du Moi

    (first published 2005)

Ulli Lust
  • Ulli Lust

  • Born: 1967, Vienna, Austria.

  • Description: Ulli Lust was born in 1967 in Vienna, Austria. Her cartooning work has mainly comprised comics reportages; Today Is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life is her first graphic novel, and her first work to be translated into English. She lives and works in Berlin, Germany.