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"When we were told not to play with our foods, we got bad advice. When we were told to eat what was on our plate, that too was bad advice. Instead, we should play with our foods: experiment and pay attention to how different foods affect our energy levels, moods, and body. We are feeling machines. Our body continuously generates feeling information that signals our biological condition. When we ignore the biological signals generated inside our body regarding our needs, in order to heed social signals regarding foods from outside, we begin a process that removes our awareness from our own nature, leads to poor food habits, and gradually results in physical deterioration."

"In nature, fruit is available mainly in the fall. Wild animals such as bears eat fruit in the fall in order to build up their fat."

"The kinks created by cis- double bonds in fatty acids make them difficult to align. Therefore UFAs aggregate poorly, and melt at lower temperatures"

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