Books by T.S. Eliot

  • Hamlet

  • 774,654 ratings
  • August 21st 2015 by Penguin - Companhia das Letras

    (first published 1603)

  • Pustatina

  • 46,109 ratings
  • 1966 by Slovenský spisovateľ

    (first published 1963)

T.S. Eliot
  • T.S. Eliot

  • Date of birth: September 26, 1888
  • Died: January 04, 1965
  • Born: in St. Louis, Missouri, The United States.

  • Description: Thomas Stearns Eliot was a poet, dramatist and literary critic. He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1948 "for his outstanding, pioneer contribution to present-day poetry." He wrote the poems The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, The Waste Land, The Hollow Men, Ash Wednesday, and Four Quartets; the plays Murder in the Cathedral and The Cocktail Party; and the essay Tradition and the Individual Talent. Eliot was born an American, moved to the United Kingdom in 1914 (at the age of 25), and became a British subject in 1927 at the age of 39.

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