Quotes by Tiziano Terzani

"Every place is a goldmine. You have only to give yourself time, sit in a teahouse watching the passers-by, stand in a corner of the market, go for a haircut. You pick up a thread – a word, a meeting, a friend of a friend of someone you have just met – and soon the most insipid, most insignificant place becomes a mirror of the world, a window on life, a theatre of humanity."

"Only if we manage to see the universe as a single entity, in which every part reflects the whole and whose great beauty lies precisely in its variety, will we be able to understand exactly who and where we are.

Letters agains the war: Letter from Orsigna, 2001."

"Una strada c'è nella vita, e la cosa buffa è che te ne accorgi solo quando è finita. Ti volti indietro e dici «Oh, ma guarda, c'è un filo!». Quando vivi, non lo vedi, il filo, eppure c'è. Perché tutte le decisioni che prendi, tutte le scelte che fai sono determinate, tu credi, dal tuo libero arbitrio, ma anche questa è una balla. Sono determinate da qualcosa dentro di te che innanzitutto è il tuo istinto."

"Quando sei a un bivio e trovi una strada che va in su e una che va in giù, piglia quella che va in su. È più facile andare in discesa, ma alla fine ti trovi in un buco. A salire c'è speranza. È difficile, è un altro modo di vedere le cose, ti tiene all'erta."

"Ah yes, the facts. I've spent my whole life running after them, convinced that if I found demonstrable, incontrovertible facts I would also find some kind of truth. Now aged sixty-three, faced with this war which has only just begun and with an unsettling premonition of what is soon to follow, I'm beginning to think the facts are just a front and that the truth they mask is at best like a Russian doll: as soon as you open it up you find a smaller one inside, then another which is even smaller, then another and another, till finally all you are left with is something the size of a grain.

Letters against the war: Letter from Quetta, 2011."

Books by Tiziano Terzani

  • In Asia
  • 1,267 ratings
  • March 1st 2004 by TEA

    (first published 1998)

Tiziano Terzani
  • Tiziano Terzani

  • Date of birth: September 14, 1938
  • Died: July 28, 2004
  • Born: in Firenze, Italy.

  • Description: Tiziano Terzani was an Italian journalist and writer, best known for his extensive knowledge of 20th century East Asia and for being one of the very few western reporters to witness both the fall of Saigon to the hands of the Vietcong and the fall of Phnom Pehn at the hands of the Khmer rouge in the mid-1970s.