Tianna Holley
  • Tianna Holley

  • Born: in Lubbock, Texas, The United States.

  • Description: A lover of the outdoors--when Tianna Holley is not at her desk, she's usually paddle boarding, sailing, backpacking, gardening, or simply walking her dog. She recently reached a record of living in one spot for six years before the moving trucks arrived in Atlanta--whisking her and her family away to a quaint, small town on the Gulf Coast.

    Although her writing tends to include violence and romance, she considers herself a PG-13 author. Her main characters usually have a complicated past, and love at first sight is never an option.

    Tianna highly enjoys weaving intriguing tales to keep her readers in suspense. Packed with imagery, her books pull you into new worlds and environs. Be sure to leave a review, as she loves hearing from her readers!