Quotes by Theodor Storm

"Between the shadows of the earth and the dark depths of the sky, human life lay slumbering, with all its unsolved puzzles."

"Ich möchte schlafen, aber du mußt tanzen."


"Zwei Augen hat man nur und mit hundert soll man sehen"

"I heard nothing, but ever more clearly as the light of the half-moon grew sharper, I thought I could make out a dark shape, and soon, as it came nearer, I saw it. It sat on a horse, a high-boned, haggard white horse. A dark mantle fluttered across the figure's shoulders, and as he flew past, two burning eyes stared at me out of a pale face."

"[She was] a strange butterfly which had flown across his garden and which his eyes had continued to follow long after it had disappeared from sight."

Books by Theodor Storm

  • Immensee
  • 514 ratings
  • 1998 by Boyens

    (first published 1848)

  • Pole Poppenspäler
  • 288 ratings
  • September 28th 2002 by Reclam Philipp Jun.

    (first published 1875)

  • Little Hobbin
  • 110 ratings
  • September 1st 1995 by NorthSouth

    (first published 1926)

  • Bulemanns Haus
  • 38 ratings
  • February 1st 2009 by B&R Samizdat Express

    (first published 1864)

Theodor Storm
  • Theodor Storm

  • Date of birth: September 14, 1817
  • Died: July 04, 1888
  • Born: in Husum, Germany.

  • Description: Hans Theodor Woldsen Storm (1817 – 1888) was a German poet and author.

    He was born in Husum ("the grey town by the grey sea") on the west coast of Schleswig of well-to-do parents. While still a student of law, he published a first volume of verse together with the brothers Tycho and Theodor Mommsen.

    He worked as a lawyer in Schleswig-Holstein, but emigrated to Thuringia in 1851, leaving his mother's household, and did not return until 1864 to become a writer leaving his homeland in Denmark.

    He wrote a number of stories, poems and novellas. His two most well-known works are the novellas Immensee ("Bees' Lake", 1849) and Der Schimmelreiter ("The Rider on the White Horse"), first published in April 1888 in the Deutsche Rundschau. Other published works include a volume of his poems (1852), the novella Pole Poppenspäler (1874) and the novella Aquis submersus (1877).