Quotes by Teresa Keefer

"Sometimes the best lessons learned are those that are learned the hard way"

Books by Teresa Keefer

  • Blood Vengeance
  • 28 ratings
  • July 21st 2013 by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    (first published July 20th 2013)

  • Yesterday's Promises
  • 16 ratings
  • February 14th 2014 by Create Space

    (first published February 13th 2014)

Teresa Keefer
  • Teresa Keefer

  • Born: in Warsaw, The United States.

  • Description: Teresa Keefer is an indie author of contemporary and paranormal romance. A lifelong lover of books she has often been referred to as a bookworm, but she's fine with that.

    Teresa lives in the rural midwest United States where she lives a balanced life engaging in barefoot gardening, studying spiritualism, craft projects, cooking and watching movies. She shares her home with a fifty pound dog in a five pound body and two cats while the oak tree in her barnyard watches over a miniature stallion, two pygmy goats, and a rooster with his harem of three hens.

    A lover of travel, her favorite destinations are the Smoky Mountains, the Black Hills, and New Orleans and has watched the sun rise on the Atlantic and sunset on the Pacific. Her dream trip would be to explore the cliffs and castles of Ireland.

    If you are looking for hometown tales with a flair of magic look for her Possum Creeek series or her Summers Sisters series. If you are looking for something with a darkly erotic flair and a touch of suspense, jump into her Vampire Blood series.
    You can find Teresa as follows:

    www.facebook.com/TeresaAKeeferon Twitter @TKeeferAuthorContact at [email protected]/Blog teresakeeferauthor.weebly.com