T.D. Whittle
  • T.D. Whittle

  • Born: Daylesford, Australia.

  • Description: “In a place far away from anyone or anywhere, I drifted off for a moment.” ~ Haruki Murakami, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle

    I love long road trips and balmy weather. I especially love reading Murakami novels, during long road trips in balmy weather. Because of too much time spent in the mind of that particular writer, I am haunted by memories of towns that do not exist and characters I would run from in a dark alley. Inspired by his eloquent felines, I live in hope that one day my cat will express himself beyond the familiar meow. Corrupted by his quirky protagonists, I stare with reverence at strangers' earlobes, contemplating the subtleties of the attached versus the unattached. I spend a lot of time imagining what it would be like to huddle at the bottom of a well, admiring the daytime stars.

    If you have read this far and want to know more, then I am honored but also a bit worried about you. I suspect that you might be a fan of talking cats yourself.

    Here's more! Like other GR members, I am a devoted reader. I will read almost anything that is well written, including the backs of cereal boxes, blog posts that go into detail about cleaning your bathroom grout, and wildlife-habitat brochures explaining the sex lives of micro-bats.

    Books Without Borders: I admire Jackie Morris' eloquent essay entitled Read without Prejudice. I read books for all ages and from many genres, written by a wide variety of authors from all over the world, and spanning the centuries. Only a small portion of what I have read over my lifetime appears on Goodreads.Sometimes, I write. My co-author and publishing partner is Sandra Peterson Ramirez. We've produced a couple of short novels and a book of stories over the past several years, whilst also working on a sprawling Gothic trilogy called The Grief Orchard which we hope to complete in this or some other lifetime.I was born and bred in Houston and spent my young adult years in NYC, but Australia is home since 2003 and that's much more relevant to me these days than where I grew up. I am happily married to Robin Whittle, who is best known to electronic music fans for the wild and wicked sounds of the Devil Fish. (And, yes, I do know he's a genius but thanks for saying so.) Random info bites: 1. My favourite cuisine is Japanese, but I don't eat Cephalopods because I think it's rude to eat anything that's smarter than me. 2. I am potty about ginger cats, especially our own, Ponyo. 3. Anything I rate three or more stars is a reliably good read, in my opinion, but the steep dive from three to two stars is a drop from the level sea floor into the depths of the Mariana Trench. I don't recommend books that I rate fewer than three stars. 4. My profile photo with the shell was taken by my husband at Disaster Bay, New South Wales, on 26 October 2005. 5. I like peaceful, calm, gentle people. Also, cats (in case that wasn't blindingly obvious). "Into the Minotaur's life there come occasional moments of clarity, moments, unpredictable and painfully brief, that arrive at times as a thunderclap and at others as sweetly as a yawn, moments when everything seems understandable, when the whole of his past makes sense to him, his present seems within his control and his future pops and sizzles with a wild dangerous hope. These moments are rare, and their aftermath lies somewhere between excitement and sheer terror." ~ Steven Sherrill, The Minotaur Takes a Cigarette Break