Tamara R. Neal Quotes

Tamara R. Neal
  • Tamara R. Neal

  • Born: in Baltimore, The United States.

  • Description: As a certified relationship coach and former radio personality, Tamara Neal has sustained quite the journey throughout her career. Long gone are the days she would talk citizens through emergency incidents. The days she had to stay calm, cool, and collected over the phone, listening to that last string of hope, one in her for compassion and reassurance. As a 911 dispatcher, Neal’s duties differ than they do as a relationship coach, but the underlying values are similar. With candor, compassion, and an all-around “love for love,” Neal’s new book His & Hers Relationship Do’s and Don’ts (Tamara’s Books Publishing House, February 2018) offers a resource where men and woman alike can come for relationship expertise.
    While employed as an emergency communications technician for the Baltimore County 911 Center, Neal learned to trust herself and her instincts. With a sense of authority under her belt, she wrote her first book, The World’s Top Ten Worst Men for Women Guide, and Venomous Relationships. As a multi-2015 National Indie Award of Excellence Finalist, her knowledge on the subject shines. Neal’s effortless whit takes you through the different types of relationships you may have had, or currently have. Creating a perfect divide of advice for men and women, in His & Hers Relationship Do’s and Don’ts, she bounces back and forth from signals of troublesome women, to symbols of men to avoid, showcasing how what we think we want is most likely different than what we need.
    Neal detoxes in between her relationship books by writing children books, as the author of Kinship, Friendship, and her newest children’s book, A Fish Named Fred, which tackles its own set of issues, addressing children who struggle with abandonment and abuse. Neal is a self- proclaimed self-help guru, from relationships to underlying issues that may start in early childhood — if the problem is present she wants to help you repair it.

    Tamara Neal is a Certified Relationship Coach and former radio personality on Voice America Empowerment Network, hosting Tamara’s Relationship Transformations. Neal was employed as an emergency communication technician for the Baltimore County 911 Center where she received a diploma in emergency dispatch. She is also a multi-2015 National Indie Award of Excellence Finalist and, in addition to her newest book, His & Hers Relationship Do’s and Don’ts, she’s the author of The World’s Top Ten Worst Men for Women Guide, and Venomous Relationships, and the children’s titles Kinship, Friendship and A Fish Named Fred. Neal has been interviewed by National television and cable networks, and articles have appeared in CNN, Mind Body Green, WebMD Magazine, Chispas Magazine, and Edge Newspapers.