Quotes by Stormy Corrin Russell

"Watching them has made everything painfully clear. Even my best friend is just fine without me. My father is smiling at his son, and Archer, well … Archer has made it abundantly clear how he feels about me. More accurately, how he doesn’t feel about me. I should’ve stayed in Ryker’s facility. Maybe Grace would still be alive. Wes would be. The thought is poisonous and vile, but I can’t shake it. I stomp into the clearing. No one even notices when I go."

Books by Stormy Corrin Russell

  • Divine
  • 3 ratings
  • December 12th 2011 by America Star Books
Stormy Corrin Russell
  • Stormy Corrin Russell

  • Born: in Newport News.

  • Description: Stormy Corrin Russell is an author from Pennsylvania who loves writing just about as much as she likes eating entire pizzas. When she’s not writing, she’s teaching 8th grade and loving (almost) every second of it! She loves hearing from readers, so come say hi!