Steven W. Kohlhagen Quotes

Steven W. Kohlhagen
  • Steven W. Kohlhagen

  • Born: in Vienna, Austria.

  • Description: Steve Kohlhagen is a novelist, a former Economics professor at the University of California, Berkeley, a retired Wall Street investment banker, and is on several corporate boards, most recently elected to the board of Freddie Mac.
    His new, contemporary terrorist thriller, "The Point of a Gun," is available in June 2017, published by Edition Barenklau.
    He and his wife Gale jointly published the murder mystery “Tiger Found” under their pen name Steven Gale in 2008. It was republished by Sunstone Press as "Vanished."
    Kohlhagen was inspired to write his first historical fiction Western novel “Where They Bury You” after reading Hampton Sides’ “Blood and Thunder,” a non-fiction history of Kit Carson and the West. Sides’ reporting of the factual murder of Marshal Joseph Cummings on August 18, 1863 led Kohlhagen to conduct further research on Carson and Cummings, including at the National Archives.
    His two Westerns, "Where They Bury You," and the sequel, "Chief of Thieves," were published in English by Sunstone Press and in German by Edition Barenklau.
    He and Gale divide their time between the New Mexico-Colorado border high in the San Juan Mountains and Charleston, South Carolina.